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World Animal Day Pakistan

Pakistan is home to over 5 million working horses, mules and donkey. These poor animals work day and night to earn livelihood for millions of families at coalmines, Brickkilns, fruit and vegitable markets, transpoting passengers and industrial goods. Pakistan is also home to flora and fauna in a wide range of habitats from sea level to high elevation areas in the mountains, including 177 mammal and 660 bird species.[1] This diverse composition of the country’s fauna is associated with its location in the transitional zone between two major zoogeographical regions, the Palearctic, and the Oriental.[2]

My organization in Pakistan, Brooke (www.thebrooke.org) is planning to hold World Animal Day celebrations on 4th Oct at over 30 of its field offices throughout the country. Seminars, walks and awareness talks will be given. Civil society, media personalities and animal welfare groups are accepted to attend. Highlight of the day will a peaceful awareness walk towards Lahore press club where animal welfare posters, flyers and speeches will be delivered to general public and media.

For more information and invites you can contact me at ahmad@thebrooke.org.pk, or Mr Naeem at Naeem@thebrooke.org.pk


Brooke Pakistan celebrated World Animal Day on 4th October 2017 which was attended by Government officials, civil society organizations and academia. Country’s top celebrities (Film, Television, Radio and Singer) also joined us on the day to highlight the cause of animal welfare. we also had a walk on the road to the press club. The event attracted a lot of media attention.

On other hand our Advocacy Officer appeared on national television (PTV- Pakistan Television) which has maximum coverage in the country. The program was for one hour length which really helped us to highlight role of equines in society and the issues they are facing.

The day has also been celebrated by the field teams along with equine owners.  

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world animal day

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