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World Animal Day photo contest

World Animal Day photo contest

In honour of World animal Day, October 4, 2023, Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative is running a photo contest.

The title of the contest is: “Capturing the Wild: Promoting Harmonious Relationships with Nature”

Our objective: To offer a sustainable vision for the future based on an integrated and respectful coexistence with our natural environment


1. Majestic Wildlife Portraits: Participants can submit striking close-up photographs capturing the essence and beauty of individual animals in their natural habitat.

2. Biodiversity in Action: This category invites photos showcasing the interaction between different species, capturing unique moments of wildlife behaviour or ecological relationships.

3. Habitat Harmony: Participants can submit images that portray the intricate relationship between wildlife and their natural habitats, emphasising the importance of conservation.

Prizes: 1st prize $100, 2nd Prize $70 and 3rd prize $50 in each category.

Judging: A panel of wildlife experts, photographers, or conservationists will judge the contest. They will evaluate the entries based on criteria such as responsible photography that respects the subject being photographed, composition, creativity, adherence to the theme, and technical quality.

Contest will be open until October 31st 2023 and Winners will be announced on December 31st 2023.

Submission: Follow this link to make a submission – https://forms.gle/qQnhJJLnVfHDrids7

Terms and Conditions Apply.

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