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World Animal Day Special TED circle – Clubhouse Live gathering

We are gathering, friends old and new, to celebrate this #world #Animal #day2022 with a dedicated clubhouse room under the club of#Stop #Ecocide #International.
The program includes the watching, or listening, to #PollyHiggins moving and inspiring TEDx talks “Daring to be Great” and, time permitting on the same day – Tues 4th October, or on Thu 6th October World GeoDiversity day  ,
“Making #Ecocide an #international #crime


Wow! What a fantastic day! The conversation flowed all day and until late in the evening with everyone that visited contributing something personal about their love for animals with the other people present. It’s clear that animal play a very important role in our lives, all different experience and perspectives, all range of emotions as we all have loved and all have lost.

The choice of Clubhouse as the platform brought an unexpected closeness to the interactions, compared to all previous years.
Also the numbers were a very pleasant surprise with a very satisfactory 101 people passing through the room.
Symbolic and personal connections with the walkers from Assisi to Rome, lead by Angelo Vaira to deliver the message from San Francesco to Papa Francesco.

Additional bonus surprise of this year event is it’s longevity. The recording of the event remains available for listening in clubhouse, on the BACh International club page and on the profile of each of the speakers.

SEveral sign-ups to the iNaturalist app and the delighted feedback of those that started uploading observations immediately brought us to the creation of a ‘friends of clubhouse’ wild life spotting game: a year long collaborative-competition – Until next year, every day is world animal day!


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