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“臺北世界動物日”World Animal Day-Taiwan

We are an environmental protection and life education non-profit Organisation in Taiwan. We are a group of people that also works in many other origination, like public animal shelter, instructors from communities who teaches environmental subjects.
We would like to take place a “World Animal Day” in October 2nd this year.

Comparing all the existing and previous similar events, we intend to host this event for families with children. Adults who live in urban and big city tend to be careless. However, if our target audience is children, then it’s easier to deliver the message from them to their parents. As a result, we would like to organise a fair that will attract families. On the other hand, we work with singers and movie stars who participate kindness activities, and the character of 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade — Taiwan bear. By doing this, we wish we can find more and more children and families who will be interested in environment and animals.

We believe education is always the very first step of environmental protection, this sense has to be educated while they were young.

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