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World Turtle Day 2021

Celebrating the world turtle day, Mau Hamada, World Animal Day Ambassador and founder of Alexandria Turtle and Wildlife Rescue Team, is hosting some turtle experts, from different countries to talk about their efforts, in turtle  conservation.

Mrs Yvette Frekha, senior Biologist, clear water aquarium, Florida.

Dr Jamila  Rizkala, professor of aquatic veterinary, Tripoli University

Eng Mohamed  Maati, deputy director of regional office, north coastline,  Ministry of Environment, Tunisia.


 The event is free and anyone can register for attending. 

A very fruitful meeting,  each of the guest speakers, talked about his efforts in se turtle conservation.

Dr Jamila Rizkala, spoke about her project snowball, which is a non governmental project founded by Dr Jamila to rescue and protect sea turtles in Lybia.

Eng Mohamed  Maati, spoke about the efforts of ministry of environment in Tunisia, and how this affected the increase in sea turtle’s nests.

Last but not least,  Mrs Yvette Fernandez, talked about nesting, and nest protection at Clearwater aquarium,  in Florida , and the duties of a marine biologist.

The meeting is a start for more cooperation between all parties.


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