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World Animal Day awareness campaign

The BIG FIX Uganda often conducts animal welfare awareness campaign in Northern Uganda through school outreach, radio broadcasts,  publications, and animal kindness clubs. We have so far reached out to 100 primary schools and formed 40 animal kindness clubs in Gulu district. These animal kindness clubs are always empowered to enable them conduct animal welfare activities within the areas where they live. Radio broadcasts are normally held every Mondays inorder to sensitize the community about the prevention of common diseases in animals and create awareness about special events. The month of October was dedicated to creating awareness about World Animal Day and and the sentience of animals.

In cooperation with Mega Fm, The BIG FIX Uganda held three radio talk shows to create awareness about World Animal Day and also prevention of rabies which is endemic in northern Uganda. The broadcasts are heard throughout Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, and the Eastern portion of DRC.

Through colaboration with the office of the District Education Officer of Gulu, 13 primary schools and 1 orphanage were reached in which pupils, teachers, and parents were taught about the sentience of animals, The Five Freedoms, how to be a responsible animal guardian, and how to prevent and treat diseases. Teaching materails like rabies posters and The Five Animal freedoms were distributed to each school. We also distributed Uganda’s first Animal Kindness story book, written in English and the Luo language. This book authored by Dr. Wilfred Opira and Sarah Lamunu Schmidt entitled “Adongpiny & Tam-Pira:  Best Friends Forever” tells the story of the incredible bond between a woman and her dog.  The book is illustrated by children from Gulu District. The children whose illustrations were used in the story book were awarded with a certificate of recognition.


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