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Worldwide Reiki Healing Circle

Rob Fellows from Reiki 4 dogs, UK and www.reikidistancehealing.org is urging all Reiki Practitioners from around the World to help me celebrate World Animal Day on 4 October. Animals play such an important role in our lives, whether they are companion pets, working animals or animals living in the wild and in the world’s oceans. … I’m asking all reiki practitioners to join me on World Animal Day on 4 October to help animals of all kinds everywhere. No matter what level of training you have please give at least one animal some hands on reiki ….. no matter how much time you can spare and whatever animal you choose …. whether it’s a large animal or even a small insect. Also calling all Second Degree and Masters join me for a massive Worldwide Reiki Healing Circle 4 October at 10pm UK time ( 6pm EDT) and send your reiki blessings to all the animals around the world. Put the date and time in your diary now..!! Just imagine how powerful this will be if tens of thousands of us are sending reiki all at the same time. This will be a truly wonderful event. Please spread this message far and wide across the reiki community and together we can do something REALLY positive for all the defenceless animals. I’d love to know if you are joining us so let me know on my facebook page www.facebook.com/ReikiforDogsAndPeople or email me rob@reiki4dogs.co.uk or rob@reikidistancehealing.org Remember to put the date and time in your diary. Thank you all. Rob

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