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former Miss Iceland and Miss World

It’s a privilege and honor for me to support the marvelous cause World Animal Day represents. I also take great pleasure in being among those who seek to contribute to its work worldwide as well as within my own country Iceland, by appearing with my support on this website. Iceland is the youngest and among the smallest countries in Europe. It was discovered by Vikings shortly before the year 1000 whom carried livestock with them for survival. Since that time and for centuries, our lives depended on the wellbeing of such animals. Unfortunately and due to modern factory farming the lives of many of these sentient beings have been degraded by man. As an active participant in providing the only modern health club/spa for ladies only in Iceland and being it’s owner my awareness of the importance of quality of life has risen year by year. It’s my sincere believe that we should all aim to extend what we seek for our own wellbeing to the animals who we take into our service and into our lives.

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