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Free the innocent at Dehiwala Zoo

Over the years concerned citizens of Sri Lanka, organizations, visitors to the zoo and the media have highlighted issues of suffering and inadequate care at Dehiwala Zoo, which have been brought to the attention of authorities time and again.  However, these criticisms, appeals, requests and recommendations have all been largely ignored. 

I have joined thousands of compassionate citizens of Sri Lanka and the world who have come together to call for the closure of the Dehiwala Zoo.

Together, we appeal for: 

  • A rescue and rehabilitation plan with a clear timeline for the animals
  • The conversion of the premises for alternate public use – a park and botanical garden that protects the valuable flora on the site and provides skilled employment to the Zoo employees
  • The commitment to provide Sri Lanka’s children with the right education in conservation and compassion

Please the link and and sign the appeal 


A minute of your time can help free the animals that have been sentenced to a lifetime of suffering for our entertainment. You can also help by sharing the link on social media among your friends and family so that we can make our appeal a strong one.

Let’s help give the children of Sri Lanka the right education. The time is NOW for us to become a better educated Sri Lanka that respects, values and truly protects our animals and forests; and transfers that knowledge to our children, so that they grow up to be kind, compassionate, ethical, and environmentally responsible adults.  Only then will our country prosper.  

I believe in a better Sri Lanka for our animals, environment, and our children.  Let’s make Sri Lanka shine as a compassionate nation that cares for all lives. Be the voice. Be the change. 

Thank you for your support and for caring.

With Passion,

Otara Gunewardene, World Animal Day Ambassador, Sri Lanka

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