Would you like to contribute towards making the world a kinder, more compassionate place?

Would you like to raise global awareness of an animal-related issue?

Or perhaps you'd like to fundraise for a local animal welfare organisation or charity that's doing great work?

World Animal Day on October 4 is your chance to make a difference!

If you are reading this it’s because you love animals, but you might have very little free time and find the idea of organising an event rather daunting. This section of the website includes plenty of ideas and guides you through getting organised and gaining publicity. Many of the ideas are relatively easy and quick to organise, however, for those who want to be more adventurous, there are also some that require a little more time and effort - but with some keen helpers on board anything is possible.  The sky’s the limit!

It’s not the size of your event that matters, it’s getting involved that’s important.

3  Steps to World Animal Day

One thing is certain, once you decide that you want to hold a World Animal Day event, the months will pass like days so it’s important to start work on your plans early.  Before you do anything, please take some time to wander around this website and check out some of the activities that groups have undertaken around the world in previous years. 

Step 1 - Get an Idea 

Not sure how to get involved? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of ideas to start you thinking! 

Step 2 - Get Organized 

Suggested guidelines to help you plan a successful World Animal Day event.

Step 3 - Get Publicity

A few important opportunities to gain media and public attention for your World Animal Day event. 

How to add your event to the website

Please add your event to the website as soon as you start making plans. You can amend the information at any time prior to the event taking place.  

After your event, please add a post-event summary to tell the world how successful it was and upload some some fabulous images. You can also add a YouTube video if available.