Get involved - schools and youth groups

'Kids deserve the right to think that they can change the world.' Lois Lowry

You, and the children in your class, have the power to provide hope for animals in the future.

For all age groups, pledge not to take part in ‘egg hatching programmes’ or similar breeding activities in your school. In the UK, the RSPCA 'strongly discourages the keeping of animals in schools'. World Animal Day HQ supports this belief. Using toys etc. as substitutes for live animals will also minimise the risk of triggering allergies in susceptible children.

Whichever age group you work with, it will be very important to plan around your school holidays and have everything ready for your participation in World Animal Day on October 4.

Perhaps World Animal Day could be a theme week, culminating in a larger event? As childcare professionals, you will already know lots of creative and engaging activities!

But, just in case you might need a little inspiration, we've included some suggestions.

Many of the ideas are relatively easy and quick to organise. However, for those who want to be more adventurous, there are also some activities that require a little more time and effort. With a group of energetic young helpers on board, anything is possible!

Try browsing other age groups, as there might be an activity you can adapt to suit your need.


If your curriculum doesn’t allow for additions to the current schedule, you can still take part in World Animal Day:

  • Animal-themed activities could take place during out-of-hours sessions, such as breakfast clubs, after-school clubs or family events.
  • Many schools and youth groups organise community events throughout the year. With a little planning, one or two stalls could be dedicated to animal welfare. You could even involve children’s families!

Please do not use real animals as part of your event, unless the activity directly improves their welfare, e.g. exercise, adoption, spaying, neutering, vaccinating etc.