Get publicity

The World Animal Day website is used as a source of information by journalists, schools and animal lovers all year round. Make sure you take full advantage of this to help promote your event!

If you are an animal welfare organisation, use it to draw attention to your work.

You may update your event information on the site whenever necessary.

The biggest issue with any event is not having enough attendees. Don’t let all of your hard work be in vain – it’s essential to ‘sell’ your event to as many people as possible. Don’t leave it too late, or they might have made other plans for the same day!

The exact timing of your promotion will depend on your intended audience. Families with children and working people might need more notice than those with fewer commitments. Students often choose what to do at the last minute. Get to know your audience and decide when they need to hear about your event. Advertise your event regularly, then increase its promotion during the week leading up to the activity.

  • Use the World Animal Day logo at every opportunity, alongside your own logo, if applicable. You may download it from the Resources page on the website to use on posters, stickers, t-shirts etc. The logo is available in numerous languages. Please read the guidelines regarding its usage. (You will also find leaflets, posters and other useful documents on the page.)
  • Add your event to the global diary of events on this website. Click on the green '+Add Event' buttons which are on the 'Home' and 'Events' pages. It’s quick and easy – just follow the simple steps. You’ll need to register to use the website first.
  • Compose a compelling press release. Send it to local newspapers, radio stations, clubs, community groups, and anyone else you can think of who will be able to help you publicise your event. Follow it up with a phone call to make sure it’s been received and read. Call them again the day before to check that they’re sending someone. Ask them to also send a photographer. You could direct them to the World Animal Day media centre for more information. Provide them with the history of World Animal Day if they are interested.
  • Invite a celebrity to open your event. This doesn’t mean you have to find a big movie star – maybe the local mayor, a local sports star, the editor of a local newspaper or a local politician. It would be nice if the celebrity makes a short welcome speech to open your event and gives a quote to the media. If your celebrity has a pet, maybe they’d like to bring it along – depending upon what it is of course! This would provide the media with a good photo opportunity. If possible, have a reserve special guest just in case your celebrity is unable to attend at the last minute.
  • Contact the editor of community newsletters and ask them to include information about your event.
  • Do you have community notice boards in your area? Find out who controls them and ask if you can include your event.
  • Print flyers and distribute them effectively to be sure your event is brought to the attention of people interested in animals and their welfare. For example, display flyers at veterinary clinics, pet shops, dog training clubs, kennels and catteries, rescue centres, vegan/vegetarian cafés and restaurants etc. Also ask local shops to display your signs. Don’t forget to use the World Animal Day logo!
  • If you’re at college or university, do you have a student radio station? If so, ask them to share your event with listeners.
  • Create an event on your social media pages. If you have a budget, try boosting the post to reach a wider audience.
  • You could be raising awareness or funds for an animal welfare organisation – ask them to share your event on their own social media channels and in other areas. The charity might have its own publicity officer who could also promote the event.
  • Ask other related groups to advertise your event on their social media pages.