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Getting involved in World Animal Day is easy!

easyStorage and a campaign working towards the global protection of animal welfare may not seem like the most obvious of pairings; but for us, getting involved was a no-brainer.

I personally love animals, the most obvious example being my dog, Leo, who became the poster boy for our World Animal Day competition.

In September 2021, the office took part in a Zero Waste Week challenge. This was to collect all our waste and have a very clear representation of how we can all reduce our impact on the planet.

The main thing noticed was the mountain of plastic before us.However, from a young age I’ve been obsessed with nearly every animal out there!

world animal day

It started with dolphins – which I never grew out of – then progressed to cover nearly the whole of the animal kingdom.

Unfortunately, with those loves also came the stark realisations regarding their mistreatment all over the world.

I could not help but think about diving in the Great Barrier Reef a few years ago. I was in awe of the beautiful surroundings, the highlight was observing a sleeping turtle over two metres long!

This beautiful moment was ruined rather quickly by a piece of plastic drifting in front of me.

It pained me as I knew how quickly this could fatally injure the amazing creature sleeping before me. The waste humans discard in the ocean and in all ecosystems around the world is only one example of how we could do better for animals.

Why World Animal Day is so important to us?

One doesn’t have to look far to find haunting images, videos and articles about the mistreatment of nearly any species on earth. 

world animal day

This is something that I and our easyStorage team are not willing to stand by and stay silent. As a UK-wide organisation, we felt it was our responsibility to use our platform for a genuine cause.

Every single person I know has a story about an inspiring and beautiful interaction with an animal.

I think this is because, as we often forget, we are the same. We are also animals and somehow seem to think we are more important than all other creatures. It’s true, we have advanced intellectually and socially but what makes us superior?

Some may argue, it’s our voice and communicative abilities. Which is exactly why we think this voice needs to be used to speak for those who cannot.

Animals are a prime example of the “voiceless”.

How we got involved

We already loved the campaign as individuals and we wanted to use our influence as a business to make a difference.

We already knew it was important to involve our team, customers, franchisees and as many people as possible.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. We brainstormed for an idea! We came up with an animal selfie competition.
  2. We wanted to ensure we would contribute to the protection of animals. So we decided on a donation to the sponsor of World Animal Day, which is Naturewatch Foundation.
  3. We discussed potential partners who may be interested to help spread the world. We found PetShop.co.uk and another easy brand easyDogwalker, we got in contact, and they were more than happy to donate for an amazing cause.
  4. We found a hero image, from an impromptu photoshoot with my dog Leo who was happy to help. Then we created a page on our website to run the competition and receive submissions.
  5. Then we told the world! We put paid adverts on social media, created emails to share with customers and all our franchisees who loved getting involved.
world animal day

World Animal Day is vital to raise awareness, educate and support the care for animals.

We think we can all do more. We all have a voice.

Whether we use it to have in-person conversations, raise awareness on social media or support specific campaigns. We think businesses have an even larger responsibility as they have an even larger platform for their voice to be heard.

So, if you love animals, get involved, use your platform and use your voice for those who cannot, it’s easy!

Written by easyStorage

To find out more about taking part in World Animal Day on October 4, please visit our Get Involved pages.

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