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The World Animal Day grant of £10,000 in total is open for applications to confirmed World Animal Day Ambassadors for a two month period each year, subject to agreement of the funders (the trustees of Naturewatch Foundation). The grant opens on the 1st April each year and closes at midnight on the 1st June. 

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Grant Information

Naturewatch Foundation is making £10,000GBP available to fund the World Animal Day Grant. The trustees are open to support more than one project with the funding. Comparative information on costs between different countries will be taken into consideration.

The Grant is restricted to applications by World Animal Day Ambassadors for projects being undertaken in their own country by the organisation they work for which must be a registered, not for profit, non-governmental animal welfare organisation.

The trustees and advisors of Naturewatch Foundation will select projects they believe have the best potential to make a significant and lasting, positive impact upon the welfare of animals. All applications will be carefully and sympathetically considered and the winner(s) will be announced in September 2023.

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