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Happy World Animal Day 2017

It’s estimated that there are 2.46 BILLION users on social media worldwide. Are you one of them?
How many social media posts about animals will YOU see on October 4 – World Animal Day?
Posts involving animals generate a multitude of reactions from happiness to sadness and anger to despair.
A common response is simply to add an ‘emoji’ or possibly a comment, similar to those below… 
world animal day
Although empathy is an admirable trait, responses like the ones above are unlikely to make a positive difference. Issues are quickly forgotten or it might be assumed that someone is already speaking up for the animals involved.
Animals need action!
  • If you’re not already connected with us, please reach out to your social media audience about World Animal Day and share our posts on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.
  • Print a ‘Happy World Animal Day’ poster, take a selfie and share it on social media. Use our hashtags – #WorldAnimalDay and#October4.
  • Boost October 4 on social media by sharing or tweeting our eye-catching flag graphic (other languages are available).
  • Most people carry their phones, so ask friends, family and colleagues to help boost World Animal Day on social media!
Please continue to share our posts! Use our hashtags, #WorldAnimalDay and #October4 – let’s keep World Animal Day trending!
Even if you don’t use social media, the fact that you have internet access gives you the perfect opportunity to take action for animals in need! Here’s how…
  • Forward this email – please forward this email to at least 5 friends who might not already be familiar with World Animal Day.
  • Sign some petitions – many new petitions are created online every day but can YOUR signature really make a difference? Read about some success stories here. You could even start your own petition regarding an animal welfare issue that troubles you.
  • Add a pledge to the World Animal Day website. Every pledge makes a difference… what will YOURS be?
  • Support our Google doodle campaign – animal lovers around the globe are hugely disappointed that Google has not recognised this important day with a doodle. Please send Google an email
  • Make a donation – click here to donate to World Animal Day. Thank you! 
Hesitate for a moment before tapping ‘share’ to consider the message of the post. If it seems to be promoting the use of animals in entertainment, for example, tourists posing with monkeys or swimming with dolphins, don’t share it as it will contradict the mission of World Animal Day
Think about the following animals and how they might be exploited on social media… 
  • Animals in entertainment and tourism
  • Companion animals
  • Wild animals
  • Farm and working animals
  • Marine animals
  • Animals used in experiments
Instead, share posts that will help raise awareness or funds for animals in need, or that will otherwise improve their lives in some way.
It’s never too early to think ahead to October 4, 2018. If you would like to organise an event, there are plenty of ideasresources and news items on the website to inspire you. You can register here.
On behalf of the animals, we thank you so much for your wonderful support of the World Animal Day movement to raise the status of animals.
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