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Help honour World Animal Day with a Google Doodle this October 4

Whether we are looking to bake a cake, fix the kitchen sink or discover the meaning of life, Google is often the first place we turn. It is undeniably an essential part of modern life. Therefore, it is no surprise that over one billion of us look to it for guidance every single month.

We’ve all been onto the Google search engine and noticed that the logo sometimes looks a little different, or completely transformed on certain days of the year to make a statement about that particular day. What you’re seeing is the iconic Google Doodle hard at work. Each doodle sends a message to all who see it (which is a lot of people) – making them aware of what it represents, who it affects, and what they should do about it. 

What do these three objects have in common?

The Rubik’s Cube, hole punch and garden gnome have all been honoured with a doodle at some point.

There are Google Doodles to commemorate all sorts of occasions. From notable birthdays to global awareness days such as International Women’s day. There are even doodles to mark some of the world’s most celebrated inventions – the 30th anniversary of PAC-MAN and the 131st anniversary of the hole punch to name but a few. 

Since 1998, over 4000 doodles have found their way onto the Google search engine – yet, World Animal Day still hasn’t made it into the limelight. But we are not giving up! 

October 4 marks World Animal Day – a day when anyone and everyone can do their bit to improve the lives of animals across the globe. Whether that be through raising awareness, donating, volunteering, adopting, making better-informed purchasing decisions, self-educating or whatever else you decide, it’s a time when we can all come together for the benefit of animals. 

We believe that World Animal Day deserves a place on the Google Doodle wall of fame – a place that would stretch awareness for the day by unimaginable proportions! If you love animals, we know that you’ll feel the same way. 

How to achieve this, you ask? Well, it’s surprisingly a lot easier than you would think. But we have to work together. 

Google openly accepts ideas and suggestions for their doodles from Google users. So, if enough people approach Google with the idea of creating a doodle for World Animal Day on October 4, we believe that this could become a reality. 

All you need to do is contact Google at doodleproposals@google.com with a short message on why you think World Animal Day would be the perfect event to celebrate with a doodle! It’s as simple as that. 

Let’s make this year’s World Animal Day the biggest and best yet!

Guest blog written by Alex Taylor

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