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Help tell the world it’s World Animal Day!

You can play a very important role in helping to raise global awareness of World Animal Day by sharing selfies far and wide. Although we all recognise that social media is a very powerful tool, we need you to help harness that power to show the world we stand united for animals in celebration of this special day.

Please be part of our Global Wave to ensure that everyone on the planet knows it’s World Animal Day on October 4.

Three easy steps:

  1. Print a ‘Happy World Animal Day’ poster.
  2. Take a selfie with your poster – the more creative the better – and share with friends, family, colleagues and contacts across all social media channels using the hashtags #WorldAnimalDay and #October4

Please print in colour if you can otherwise black and white is fine. If you don’t have a printer, please open the poster on a phone or tablet screen and hold it up while you take a photo! Important note: You must be happy to have your photo shared on social media belonging to World Animal Day HQ, Naturewatch Foundation and other reputable organisations affiliated with us.

Finally, if you’re not already connected with us, please reach out to your social media audience about World Animal Day and share our posts.
Here are links to our channels:




On behalf of the animals, we thank you so much for your wonderful support of the World Animal Day movement to raise the status of animals.

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