Ideas for Veterinary Surgeries

As veterinarians, nurses and support staff, you are well aware of the cruelty and neglect suffered by animals worldwide. By sharing your knowledge and increasing awareness, your veterinary practice can help create a culture of respect and empathy to make the world a kinder place for animals. 

In addition to the suggestions below, many animal welfare professionals conduct spaying and neutering events as well as mass vaccinations and educational workshops. If you would like advice on how to organise a similar event, please email [email protected] and we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our experienced Ambassadors. 

Why not ask your community to get involved in the planning process? Many retired, part-time or non-working clients would relish the chance to make a difference by joining a voluntary events team! 

Other ideas: 

  • Choose a twin town in a developing country. Nominate a deserving animal welfare organisation in the area to be the long-term beneficiary of your fundraising efforts – try to find a group that does not already have substantial charitable support. Announce the arrangement on October 4 and maintain a World Animal Day notice board in your waiting area to share updates.
  • Launch a puppy farming awareness campaign on October 4. Many vet practices now hold puppy parties, but will you help educate owners before they inadvertently fuel the trade in unhealthy and poorly socialised dogs? Contact Naturewatch Foundation if you would like to work with a registered charity currently campaigning in this area in the UK.
  • Submit an article or reader letter highlighting a current animal welfare issue to a newspaper or magazine.
  • Create a series of posters based on the Five Freedoms and how they apply to your particular patients. 
  • Find volunteers willing to spend time in a spare hospital cage. When a donation target is reached, the volunteers can be released. Asking a local celebrity or public figure to volunteer would generate more donations and create media interest for your business as well as World Animal Day.
  • Host a quiz night at a popular pub in the area. In addition to common topics, you could include categories relevant to World Animal Day such as pet care, endangered species and famous animals in history.
  • If your practice is part of a chain, organise a sponsored dog walk or bike ride from one branch to another. Alternatively, if you’re an independent practice, hike from one dog-friendly venue to another. Carry collection tins or hold a celebratory event at your destination to raise additional funds.
  • If you’re feeling brave, take part in a sponsored team challenge such as bungee jumping, abseiling or skydiving.
  • Hold an auction with items donated by the neighbourhood. Local companies might be happy to donate prizes in the form of goods, skills or experiences in return for mentioning them.
  • If your team includes baking enthusiasts, ask them to organise a tea party at your practice. Print the World Animal logo onto edible paper and use it to decorate iced cookies and cakes. Don’t forget to make suitable treats for your furry, feathered and scaly friends!
  • Hold an open day at your practice. Invite local pet-related businesses and animal welfare charities to attend with a stall. If your grounds aren’t suitable, sign up to attend a general event elsewhere. Raise awareness of an animal welfare issue at the same time as promoting your practice.
  • Set a scavenger hunt around the community, beginning and ending at your practice. Charge an entry fee. Leave clues in highly visible locations, printed with both the World Animal Day branding and your own logo to attract passers-by. Note each team’s start and finish times – the fastest team wins a prize. To increase difficulty, the hunt could also include finding bizarre or unexpected items and taking photos of specific subjects.
  • Submit a pledge on the World Animal Day website and ask your clients to do the same. For those without internet access, add a pledge area to your practice’s notice board and then upload them to the website on behalf of your clients.
  • If you’re in the UK, volunteer with Street Vet to join a team of professionals providing medical care to dogs of the homeless in London, Bristol, Brighton, Plymouth or Cambridge. (This would also be a fantastic submission for the World Animal day pledge) You could involve your community by collecting food, treats, blankets, collars, leads and toys for street dogs.
  • If you’d like to organise a more elaborate event, why not host a charity ball with a 3-course meal, raffle and DJ? Other ideas from this list could also be incorporated into the event.

Add your event to the Online Global Diary.  Click on link or click on the green '+Add Event' buttons which are on the 'Home' and 'Events' pages. It’s quick and easy – just follow the simple steps but you need to be a member of the website first. Click here to register as a member

Very important - Don’t forget to take photographs during your event and upload a selection with a short report about how it went. 

Show the world what you have achieved for animals and inspire others to get involved.