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Kenya’s national donkey welfare day

The Brooke East Africa and partners will be celebrating a national donkey welfare day in Kenya on the 17th May 2018. 

Samuel Theuri, World Animal Day Ambassador and Advocacy and Innovations Advisor to The Brooke says:

“This annual event, which is celebrated across the country aims to celebrate donkeys and recognise the contribution they make to the household, rural and national economy across Kenya. The event enourages donkey owners and users to value them as important animals which need to be taken care of considering the vital role they play in improving people’s lives.

The day also provides a platform to campaign for better donkey welfare. This year’s theme is centred around donkey theft and illegal slaughter, both of which are key threats to the animal and the livelihood of the owners. We hope that the event will attract the attention of key decision and policy makers, law enforcement agencies, media and the public, to encourage the taking of appropriate action against these criminal acts.”

The 2015 World Animal Day Grant funded a project in Tanzania to improve the health and welfare of working donkeys and bring about permanent change for roaming animals.

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