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Lucky dog says: Thank you World Animal Day!

To prepare for World Animal Day and the low cost spay/neuter clinic she was helping to organise on 1st October in Costa Rica, Diana hit the road and travelled through the poverty stricken neighborhood where the clinic was to be held. Along the way, Diana pasted flyers and went door to door speaking with people and encouraging them to bring their animals to the event.

She also saved a life along the way. Diana found this poor dog lying half dead in the road, covered in motor oil, no owner and left to die. Diana took him home and thanks to World Animal Day he has now recovered (though still missing an eye and lots of hair) and has incorporated himself into her pack of 18 dogs. The dog, who has yet to be named but we’ll call him ‘Lucky’ for now, says: THANK YOU WORLD ANIMAL DAY!

Diana Holder, World Animal Day Ambassador and President of Stop Animal Suffering YES! (SASY!)

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