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Make Time for Turtles on May 23

World Turtle Day is coming up on Saturday 23rd May – why is it important?

Turtles have been around since the time of dinosaurs, dwell on both land and sea, and can live for over a century. But in recent years, these incredible creatures have needed some help. Many species of turtle are now either vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered; they’re falling prey to issues such as poaching, habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade.

World Turtle Day is the ideal time to become more aware of the challenges turtles face, and what we could be doing to help them. There are charities that need funds to help turtles, and movements that require backing to secure the future of the species.

The day is also a chance to appreciate the people working to protect these creatures, like our World Animal Day Ambassador Mau Hamada. Mau is based in Egypt at the Alexandria Turtle and Wildlife Centre, which rescues sea turtles, rehabilitates them and returns them to the wild. A team leader at the centre, Mau does everything from daily tasks on-site to running classes and workshops for children. You can learn more about the fantastic things Mau’s doing for turtles (and other creatures!) on her ambassador page.

We’re really looking forward to this year’s World Turtle Day, which will mark 20 years of the celebration. Get involved on social media with #worldturtleday, or download the ‘Party Pak’ on the official World Turtle Day website.

Guest blog written by Alex Hawker

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