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Music Video ‘The Way’ – a message from nature

To mark World Animal Day 2016. Music video ‘The Way’ is a message from nature – she literally speaks through rapper IFEEL – in her own words.

The message comes from the mountains, valleys, wind and deep blue sea. This video is a call to feel, reconnect and appreciate nature and our planet, as well as one another and other beings on our planet.

It reminds us that doing so feels right and feels good. And you don’t have to be a treehugger to feel it. In the spirit of the message, the song is available as a free download on IFEEL’s website www.MusicIFEEL.comPhoto credit: Matej Čelar

IFEEL explains the reasons behind his new music video:

“I wrote ‘The Way’ because I wanted to speak out for nature. I wanted to tell her story. What would she want to tell us if she could speak? We all have that message somewhere deep within us, it’s in our DNA. But we don’t hear it because our lives are full of other messages and daily challenges. But no matter what, we always feel the connection when we find ourselves in nature. So that is what I did for this video – went deep into the woods and jumped into the clear blue sea. What I wanted to do with this music video is remind others to reconnect with nature, to go to nature and experience it for what it truly is – our friend and oasis – away from our jobs, computers, millions of daily clicks and likes. Feeling nature feels good. We were meant to climb the trees and run free, climb the mountains and jump into the water. I doubt we were meant to sit at desks 24/7 and click our lives away. There is power in silence. And the real green. Click play and see if you feel it.”

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