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  • It's time to lift the lid on dog fighting - worldwide

    • April is a fabulous month to visit Greece. The warmth of the spring sun brings out the amazing smells of the thyme and oregano. In April 2015, I made a first visit to Greece to present to the Europe

  • An update from our Ambassador in Montenegro

    • Svetlana Manojlovic is our World Animal Day Ambassador in Montenegro. She is the founder of the first animal protection society in Montenegro, Society for the Protection of Animals Podgorica, wh

  • World Animal Day 2020 grant winner's report: Himalayan Animal Welfare Trust

    • ‘No babies, no rabies!’ Since 2012, HART have run annual dog neutering and rabies vaccination camps in remote areas of eastern Nepal. These projects are vital for maintaining stray dog p

  • World Animal Day 2020 grant winner's report: Animed Arad

    • ‘Spay! Spay! Spay!’ For almost 20 years, Animed Arad has been spaying stray cats and dogs, and pets with very poor human companions. Their mission is to work for a future when there are

  • Is it time to take service animals off the force?

    • There have been a lot of news stories, and other media coverage, over the last couple of months relating to the protests that have taken place in multiple countries. The protests have been for numero

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