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  • An update on our World Animal Day mini-grants!

    • Each year, we run a grants scheme for projects run by our ambassadors around the world to offer them some funding to cover specific work. This year, alongside our two main winners we were delighted to

  • A COP26 update: what happened?

    • COP26 is now over after two weeks of negotiations and discussions in Glasgow. Extended by a couple of days, the weekend saw conversations continue on how pledges made by world leaders will need to be

  • The importance of COP26 for all living beings

    • If you keep up with the news, or even if you don’t, you may have heard discussions regarding the upcoming COP26 being held in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November. What is COP26? ‘

  • Saving the real life teddy bear

    • Did you know that bears are able to communicate using 11 different sounds? Bears are not only incredibly intelligent, they are also very talkative; from grunting, growling, moaning to even barking (y

  • Time to catch up on what happened this year on World Animal Day 2021!

    • World Animal Day has been growing year on year and 2021 was no exception! Thanks to YOU, we reached more people than ever, uniting millions under the common goals of building a better world for anima

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