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  • Make Time for Turtles on May 23

    • World Turtle Day is coming up on Saturday 23rd May – why is it important? Turtles have been around since the time of dinosaurs, dwell on both land and sea, and can live for over a century. But

  • Action to avoid pet abandonment during pandemic

    • In the absence of accurate information regarding the Covid-19 virus and pandemic, many pet owners believe it’s possible to catch the virus from their pets. People who are fearful for their healt

  • World Animal Day is worth a Doodle

    • PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICE! Last year we launched an online campaign to try and persuade Google to create a Doodle to commemorate World Animal Day. Sadly, it wasn’t picked up, but we’re not le

  • Digital Ideas to celebrate World Animal Day during COVID-19

    • Last year’s World Animal Day was a huge success with millions of people taking part around the globe. Over our lifetime we’ve seen a steady rise in the power of digital to connect animal l

  • World Animal Day and COVID-19

    • The global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting upon each and every one of us in unprecedented ways, with the position changing daily around the world.   As you have visited the

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