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  • Madagascan massacre!

    • Deforestation has led to a ‘lemur-gency’ so serious that there are now more lemurs in captivity around the world than living in their natural habitat. Lemurs are said to have travelled to

  • Take it slow, I’m a kakapo

    • Kakapos can’t run or fly, the two main reasons why their numbers rapidly dwindled away when the first humans and predators arrived on their island. This giant green peaceful parrot is so gentle

  • Get creative in our World Animal Day mug competition!

    • Get involved in World Animal Day this year by entering Naturewatch Foundation's ‘Design a Mug’ competition. Win the chance to have your design printed onto a World Animal Day 20

  • World Animal Day 2022 – it’s time to start planning!

    • As we prepare for World Animal Day on October 4, we’re excited to be able to tell you about our theme for 2022 - a ‘shared planet’.World Animal Day is a special opportunity for every

  • Getting involved in World Animal Day is easy!

    • easyStorage and a campaign working towards the global protection of animal welfare may not seem like the most obvious of pairings; but for us, getting involved was a no-brainer. I personally love ani

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