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  • Developments in Animal Welfare 2008 - 2019

    • This informative update on animal welfare developments in Cyprus has been written by Stella Stylianou, World Animal Day Ambassador. Since 2008, Cyprus Voice for Animals (the Union of Animal Welfare O

  • CATCA - What's been happening?

    • Ercika Ceballos, World Animal Day Ambassador and President of CATCA Environmental and Wildlife Society in Canada, highlights some of her organisation’s wonderful achievements in 2019.  201

  • Wild-caught primates confiscated from traders

    • In Indonesia, our Ambassador has been making good use of the two forest rehabilitation enclosures in Sumatra funded by the 2017 World Animal Day grant. The enclosures form part of a rescue and r

  • World Animal Day 2019 was bigger than ever

    • We thought World Animal Day 2018 was such a huge success that it couldn't be surpassed in 2019. We were wrong! Participation from animal lovers around the world was incredible - thousands of people


    • OCTOBER 4 - TIME TO SWING INTO ACTION FOR ANIMALS! On behalf of the animals, we thank everyone who is doing something special in celebration of World Animal Day this year. We know that many anim

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