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  • This Famous Indian Cricketer Used His Massive Social Reach to Promote World Animal Day

    • Rohit Sharma is one of the most successful players in Indian Premier League cricket. Animal loving Rohit joined thousands of animal lovers around the globe to honour World Animal Day on October 4. H

  • Ambassadors show their support for fur farming ban

    • On the occasion of World Animal Day, Ambassadors around the world show their support for colleagues fighting for the promised fur farming ban to be implemented in Bosnia & Herzegovina.  So f

  • Happy World Animal Day 2017

    • It’s estimated that there are 2.46 BILLION users on social media worldwide. Are you one of them?   How many social media posts about animals will YOU see on October 4 - World Anima

  • Google misses golden opportunity to fly the flag for animals

    • On World Animal Day, October 4, animal lovers around the globe are reeling from the huge disappointment that despite thousands of emails being sent to Google, the doodle team has missed a golden oppor

  • Help tell the world it's World Animal Day!

    • You can play a very important role in helping to raise global awareness of World Animal Day by sharing selfies far and wide. Although we all recognise that social media is a very powerful tool, w

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