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  • Saving the real life teddy bear

    • Did you know that bears are able to communicate using 11 different sounds? Bears are not only incredibly intelligent, they are also very talkative; from grunting, growling, moaning to even barking (y

  • Time to catch up on what happened this year on World Animal Day 2021!

    • World Animal Day has been growing year on year and 2021 was no exception! Thanks to YOU, we reached more people than ever, uniting millions under the common goals of building a better world for anima

  • Italian wolves: fantastic beasts and where to find them

    • ' "But Grandmother! What big teeth you have," said Little Red Riding Hood, her voice quivering slightly."The better to eat you with, my dear," roared the wolf and he leapt out of the bed and began to

  • Acknowledging bats - our ecosystem heroes

    • Bats Throughout human history, bats, the only flying mammals (popular pub quiz question by the way), have been feared by people, most likely because of their nocturnal and mysterious behaviour. From

  • PRESS RELEASE: Jean-Claude Van Damme and other celebrities speak up for animals on World Animal Day – despite major social media crash

    • International celebrities including Jean-Claude Van Damme, Shakira and even Shaun the Sheep took to social media for World Animal Day this year. Despite a seven-hour social media crash on October 4, t

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