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  • We can hardly believe it ourselves!

    • Read the inspiring 2018 World Animal Day Report [pdf] Every year without fail, the celebration of World Animal Day continues to grow, spreading its message further and wider. An ever increasing numb

  • For Animal Lovers, Today Is The Most Important Day Of The Year

    • HAPPY WORLD ANIMAL DAY! The celebration of this special day unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force to raise the status of animals and improve welfare standards. Govern

  • 'Dead Sky in the Mourning' - World Animal Day Poem 2018

    • Susan Richardson is World Animal Day's poet-in-residence and in this specially written poem for World Animal Day 2018, she focuses on the tragic extinction of an iconic bird, the passenger pigeon. At

  • Show your support on Facebook and Twitter

    • If you’re on Facebook or Twitter please show your support for World Animal Day by adding our new frame to your profile photo. It's a fantastic way to raise awareness and unite animal lovers fr

  • Himachel Pradesh State forest celebrates

    • Sujoy Dutta, our World Animal Day Ambassador based in Siliguri, India, wrote to the Chief Secretary & Principal Chief Conservators of Forests (PCCF) throughout the country encouraging them to get

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