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  • Help us protect marine species against plastic pollution!

    • Let's focus on how we can protect the beautiful marine animals who call our oceans home. Many of us have seen the awful figures on just how polluted our oceans have become, largely due to o

  • Could YOUR pet feature in our World Animal Day video series?

    • Here at World Animal Day HQ, we’re already thinking about what ways we can celebrate animals throughout 2021. Our pets have kept us in wonderful company in some lonely, socially distanced times

  • Pet Injuries: Common Causes and How to Avoid Them

    • Pets are known for being fun-loving creatures that enjoy running, playing and exploring new things. However, they can sometimes get hurt during their adventures and end up with wounds and even potenti

  • Why educating pet owners about neutering is crucial

    • When people think about caring for their pet they may consider food, fun times, exercise and physical affection. They may also think about protecting their pets’ health through vaccinations and

  • It's time to lift the lid on dog fighting - worldwide

    • April is a fabulous month to visit Greece. The warmth of the spring sun brings out the amazing smells of the thyme and oregano. In April 2015, I made a first visit to Greece to present to the Europe

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