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  • Minding Pet Welfare of Shelter Animals and Recovery

    • Shelter animals and people in recovery from addiction have a lot in common. Written and submitted by Dale Vernor. Dale is an advocate for animal rights, and a dog owner. Dale earned his Bachelor's De

  • Animal health camp at Gulma forest village

    • On Sunday 2nd December, PFA Siliguri held a free animal health camp at Gulma forest village which is about five kilometres from Siliguri. Members of PFA Siliguri circulated during the camp distributi

  • All is not well in the Virunga Natonal Park

    • The Virunga National Park was created in 1925 and is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Alongside essential conservation work, the Park says it&rsqu

  • Educating The Younger Generation

    • ADDA Bolivia has certainly made the most of the small World Animal Day grant the organisation received in 2017. The banners and leaflets paid for with the funds continue to be used in schools and co

  • We can hardly believe it ourselves!

    • Read the inspiring 2018 World Animal Day Report [pdf] Every year without fail, the celebration of World Animal Day continues to grow, spreading its message further and wider. An ever increasing numb

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