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  • Is it time to take service animals off the force?

    • There have been a lot of news stories, and other media coverage, over the last couple of months relating to the protests that have taken place in multiple countries. The protests have been for numero

  • Volunteering for animals

    • Most of us have missed out on holidays, travel, and volunteer activities this year. If you are feeling the tug of wanderlust, itchy feet, or a sense of wanting to help, maybe it is time to start plan

  • Catch up with the news from World Animal Day

    • World Animal Day 2020 was a huge success all over the world on October 4! YOU helped make it bigger than ever before. By raising awareness, you have helped make the world a better place for ani

  • An update from Sri Lanka’s World Animal Day Ambassador

    • Otara Gunewardene is the founder and CEO of Embark, World Animal Day's fantastic Ambassador organisation in Sri Lanka. Since its inception, Embark has successfully rescued, treated, fostered and foun

  • An update from our World Animal Day Ambassador in Beirut

    • "It has now been two full months since the explosion and updating everyone.Trying to be positive as an individual, as an organization, and in general. Reality is that the country continues to de

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