Please help gain the support of celebrities in your country for the World Animal Day movement. Tell them about World Animal Day and its Mission to raise the status of animals, and ask them to send a quote expressing their support and an image to [email protected]

View a letter of support from HRH the Duke of York on the launch of the World Animal Day movement in 2003.

Patron - Anneka Svenska

We are delighted to introduce you to Anneka Svenska who has officially given her support to the World Animal Day movement by agreeing to become a Patron. Find out more about Anneka.

Poet-in-Residence - Susan Richardson

We are honoured to have our very own poet-in-residence, Susan Richardson, who promotes and supports the mission of World Animal Day in so many ways. Find out more about Susan

Pete Wedderburn - Celebrity Vet - Ireland

Pete Wedderburn is a veterinary surgeon with a passion for communicating his love of his work through writing, radio, television and the internet. He's a partner in a vet practice in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland, but spends 50% of his week on media work where ‘Pete the Vet’ has become his trademark name.

Pete says: "I'm delighted to support World Animal Day: my mission in life is to work as an advocate for animals, and this event is the ideal global opportunity for everyone to work together on behalf of those creatures who can't speak for themselves. I will do all I can to promote the day in Ireland, where I live, as well as in any other places where my writing and media work can reach."

Ruslana - Ukrainian Singer - Ukraine

Ruslana, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, is glad to show her support for the World Animal Day movement WAD and has sent the following message: 

"We can distinguish the level of our kindness and love, not only from our attitude towards each other, but also from our attitude towards all animals. The way we treat them says a lot about ourselves and about the society in which we live. If we understand that the livelihood of animals depends heavily upon our attitude towards them, only then can we say that we are a humane society.  These creatures are not to blame for being in the conditions that we, people, have created for them, so we must respect this by treating all creatures humanely.

Several days ago I took a cat from the street and brought it home. The day before yesterday, after my concert in Carpathians, I found a small puppy that was either abandoned or born on the street and have taken it to live with us in Kiev.  These animals teach me not only to care about them but, by putting their trust in me, they also teach me to really love.  I am extremely grateful to them for that.

People! Do not be afraid to adopt animals from shelters. Trust me, it is much easier to take care of these small friends than you imagine. And, if you cannot adopt an animal, please help rescue shelters, do not be indifferent.

Our breed is kindness"

Kika Mirylees, Actress - United Kingdom

Kika Mirylees

"I'm so glad to hear that you are trying to raise awareness in other parts of the world where animals are often at the bottom of the list. Having compassion for other species is so important, particularly in regard to our own development as human beings. Good luck with your work."

The late Pollyanna Pickering, Wildlife Artist - United Kingdom

The late Pollyanna Pickering

"I have been incredibly fortunate that my work has brought me into such close contact with the natural world and I never cease to be amazed by the variety, beauty and intelligence of the animals I paint. World Animal Day provides a wonderful opportunity for us all to celebrate the ways in which our lives are enriched by animals and to support all the hardworking organisations which are striving to end animal suffering worldwide."

Jilly Cooper OBE, Author - United Kingdom

Jilly Cooper OBE

"Nothing gives me more pleasure than my dogs, cats, the Highland pony herd in the surrounding fields, the dogs I meet on walks every day, the deer wandering through the field, the fox, rabbits and badgers. Every day I feed the birds and rejoice in the different species that come flying in. The animal kingdom brings us such joy and it is our duty and privilege to repay them with kindness, understanding and constant vigilance."