Please help gain the support of celebrities in your country for the World Animal Day movement. Tell them about World Animal Day and its Mission to raise the status of animals, and ask them to send a quote expressing their support and an image to

View a letter of support from HRH the Duke of York on the launch of the World Animal Day movement in 2003.

Patron - Anneka Svenska

We are delighted to introduce you to Anneka Svenska who has officially given her support to the World Animal Day movement by agreeing to become a Patron. Find out more about Anneka.

Poet-in-Residence - Susan Richardson

We are honoured to have our very own poet-in-residence, Susan Richardson, who promotes and supports the mission of World Animal Day in so many ways. Find out more about Susan

Stephen Leonard BVSc MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and Wildlife Presenter - United Kingdom

Stephen Leonard BVSc MRCVS

"Raising awareness is the first and arguably the most important step in any campaign. Reminding people worldwide of the importance of animal welfare is paramount. It’s also very reassuring to realise that there are so many people on this planet who really care about its inhabitants. You all deserve a huge pat on the back."

Melanie C, Pop Star and Party for Animals Worldwide Supporter - United Kingdom

Melanie C

"On October 4th try and do something to thank and support the dedicated animal organisations that we are lucky to have, whether it's taking a box of chocolates (for staff!) and some animal treats to your local animal shelter, a simple donation, sponsoring an animal in need or you could send a thank you card to a charity you particularly admire. Your thoughts and support will go a long way."

Ivy Hsu, Actress, Singer, TV host and Animals Taiwan Board of Supervisor - Taiwan

Ivy Hsu

"Animals now exist in a world dominated by mankind. Without help and protection from people, animals are left defenseless in a world that they do not understand and are not equipped to survive in. We need to appreciate the beauty in all living creatures, and we need to do our part to protect them. Without animals, the world would be a sad and dark place, and World Animal Day is a celebration that reminds us of the importance and role of every living creature."

Marianne Thieme, Dutch Political Leader, Party for the Animals - The Netherlands

Marianne Thieme

"The qualities that distinguish humans from animals, other intelligence and moral capacity to make ethical considerations are mainly used by people in their own disadvantage. Man is the only species that destroys its own habitat. In that sense we would do well to show more compassion for animals and willingness to learn the sustainability of the days they lay in the way they organize their lives. The instinct of animals show us the way to a more sustainable society, then the intellect of man.

People who stand up for animals recognize and therefore we have so many great spiritual affinity that many other people do not always understand. Therefore it is good when we work together for animal protection, to work on a better world for humans, animals, nature and environment."

Dave Spikey, UK Comedian, Presenter, Actor, Comedy Writer - United Kingdom

Dave Spikey

"I give my wholehearted support for World Animal Day and I hope this compassionate initiative will unite people from all walks of life to help make a difference. Celebrating animals and their capacity to enrich our lives, allows us to reflect on the bigger picture and reminds us that we share this time and place with other living beings who also have feelings and needs that should be met. Indeed, giving something back to our natural environment and our companion animal friends is part of who we are and where we are going in the future. I hope World Animal Day goes from strength to strength in the years ahead."