Please help gain the support of celebrities in your country for the World Animal Day movement. Tell them about World Animal Day and its Mission to raise the status of animals, and ask them to send a quote expressing their support and an image to [email protected]

View a letter of support from HRH the Duke of York on the launch of the World Animal Day movement in 2003.

Patron - Anneka Svenska

We are delighted to introduce you to Anneka Svenska who has officially given her support to the World Animal Day movement by agreeing to become a Patron. Find out more about Anneka.

Poet-in-Residence - Susan Richardson

We are honoured to have our very own poet-in-residence, Susan Richardson, who promotes and supports the mission of World Animal Day in so many ways. Find out more about Susan

Ali Baba, Stand-Up Comedian and One of Nigeria's Biggest Celebrities - Nigeria

Ali Baba

"Animals inspire me and, in my country Nigeria, I want to stand against animal cruelty and also support and celebrate World Animal Day."

Emma Jesson, TV Presenter & Weathergirl, England - ITV and Channel 4 - United Kingdom

Emma Jesson

"As a patron of the RSPCA Safe Haven scheme and supporter of the RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre, I would like to wholeheartedly pledge my support to World Animal Day. How wonderful to have a date which celebrates just how much joy we derive from interaction with both wild as well as domestic animals.

I am an advocate of Compassion in World Farming and other organisations which campaign for animal rights.  I abhor animal and fish cruelty and applaud the increasing media exposure of inhumane practices. The facts are often unpalatable, but we should force ourselves to become aware so we can take a call to action. Whether it's walking the dog or watching the birds & squirrels who visit our gardens, our distant cousins in fur and feathers should be a cherished part of our lives."

Anneka Svenska, Wildlife Presenter and Conservationist - United Kingdom

Anneka Svenska

“World Animal Day is a wonderful chance for animal lovers all over the world to come together in solidarity over one extremely important cause. To save and protect the animals on our planet and the delicate environment they live in. Without animals in the world, the world would be a very sad place. We must learn to protect and nurture them and make sure that the world will always stay a place where they can roam free and never become extinct.”

Maria Daines, Rock Music Artist, Songwriter and Animal Advocate - United Kingdom

Maria Daines

"I would be highly honoured to become a Celebrity Ambassador and I'll help all I can in the run up to 4 October.  I am very proud and happy to be a part of World Animal Day and to help, alongside millions of compassionate people, to raise awareness for the voiceless and to shine a light on our animal friends, some of whom currently exist in a dark world, built for them by cruel, uncaring hands."

Louis Barnett, Britain's Youngest Entrepreneur, Chocolatier, Motivational Speaker and Avid Conservationist - United Kingdom

Louis Barnett

"It is a great honour to have the opportunity to be a Celebrity World Animal Day Ambassador. We have so little time left to save the many endangered species of animals on our planet. We must take action now if we are to save these remarkable animals, or we can stand back, do nothing and watch them disappear from our world forever.

Since I launched my chocolate business at the age of 12, I have been striving to raise awareness of the plight of endangered animals and their ever diminishing habitats. World Animal Day gives us a wonderful opportunity to join together and shout with one loud voice - together we can make a difference!"