Action to avoid pet abandonment during pandemic - Montenegro

In the absence of accurate information regarding the Covid-19 virus and pandemic, many pet owners believe it’s possible to catch the virus from their pets. People who are fearful for their health and the lives of their families are more likely to make the decision to abandon their pets. This action, in addition to causing the animals to suffer, creates a problem for local communities by increasing the number of dogs on the streets.

Our Ambassador in Montenegro, Svetlana Manojlovic, made this video with the intention of ensuring pet owners in her country are properly informed.  It is hoped that by publicising accurate information via this video, fewer people will abandon their pets and the mission will be a resounding success.

The video was posted on the official website of the Government of Montenegro; is supported by UBHVFP (Veterinary Directorate); has been published across all media; and aired on the state television network RTV CG1.

In addition to the native language, an Albanian language version has also been made for use in the specific area where the Albanian minority live.

We hope that all of us will deal with the pandemic of COVID -19 in a reasonable way and with a responsible attitude towards ourselves and our environment, and that we will manage move forward towards the new normal very soon.

Many greetings and wishes for good health!

Svetlana Manojlovic

World Animal Day Ambassador, Montenegro
Founder of the Society for the Protection of Animals Podgorica

- May 14, 2020