An update from our Ambassador in Liberia

Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society is our fantastic Ambassador organisation in Liberia.

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LAWCS have sent us the following update on their work to improve the lives of animals.

"LAWCS has extended program in Guinea for the protection of working animals.

We have been in Guinea for over two years providing various initiatives towards the health and welfare improvement of working animals in Guinea.

Working animals serve as source of livelihood for many poor families in Guinea but they are treated with extreme cruelty.

We are there providing animal welfare education for animal owners and their children along with free outreach veterinary care and treatments and the provision of nutritional foods for malnourished animals.

We recently celebrated World Donkey Day to bring about awareness about the plight and suffering of these lovely, dedicated and hardworking animals."

World Donkey Day at LAWCS...


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- June 3, 2021