An update from our Ambassador in Montenegro

Svetlana Manojlovic is our World Animal Day Ambassador in Montenegro.

She is the founder of the first animal protection society in Montenegro, Society for the Protection of Animals Podgorica, which was a member of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

Svetlana has remained active during the Covid-19 pandemic and sent us the following update.


"On February 12, 2021, we had a conference in the capital Podgorica on the topic "Protection of animal welfare and responsible ownership".

Our target group was representatives of municipalities and cities and utilities and companies.

Out of 24 municipalities, 14 came to us, which is an incredible success in this very complex situation (although we have included 22 municipalities in Montenegro with this project).

The next day, we had workshops with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from six cities in three countries (Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia).

The main lecturers at the workshops were:

  • Ivan Kurajov from NGO Ljubimci in Pancevo
  • Milos Djuricic from the organisation BETA in Belgrade
  • Tatjana Zajec, a DVM from Zagreb

Watch our guest appearance on the national public service, RTVCG1.

We produced pamphlets on topics suggested by the NGOs. Themes were created based on the problems identified in their cities.


As a team, we launched a campaign that covered the entire country:

  • promoting responsible ownership
  • microchipping
  • vaccination
  • sterilisation
  • Catch-Neuter-Release (CNR)
  • Compliance with legal regulations etc.

This project was funded by UBHVFP (Directorate for Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Affairs), the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro."

As you can see, Svetlana, her team and advocates from the animal welfare world have been working hard for animals during a challenging time. She says, "We have done a lot. We are satisfied, but this is work in the long run - a marathon".


(If you work in animal welfare, find out more about becoming a voluntary World Animal Day Ambassador in your country!)

- March 5, 2021