Anna Weatherlake joins the team - Australia

The World Animal Day movement is delighted to welcome Anna Weatherlake to its global team of Ambassadors.

Anna is a passionate animal advocate, food enthusiast, journalism graduate, blogger, eco-warrier and plant-based nutrition coach based in Melbourne, Australia.

Married to Peter Siddle, Australian Test Cricketer and plant-based athlete, the couple are staunch supporters of compassionate living and feel strongly about animal protection in Australia.

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Pam Ahern has been a World Animal Day Ambassador in Victoria, Australia, since 2008 and we are extremely grateful to her for all that she’s achieved to help promote the movement during that time.  Sadly, due to the increasing number of animals being cared for at Edgar’s Mission, she feels that she’s no longer able to give this important role the attention it needs and has decided to stand down. 

Although we are very sad to be losing Pam, she thought long and hard about who would make a suitable replacement for her in Victoria and she felt Anna Weatherlake would make a great World Animal Day Ambassador.  We are delighted that Anna has agreed to actively take on this role.

Although Pam will no longer be an official Ambassador, she will continue to raise awareness about this important day and its ability to unite animal lovers around the globe. Of course, Edgar’s Mission will continue to actively partake in the celebrations of this most important day.

- September 12, 2018