Come rain or shine, street dogs are being fed in Siliguri - India

There are around 35 million free-roaming dogs in India.

They survive by scavenging for scraps in rubbish left out by restaurants and shops.

Sadly, during the COVID-19 lockdown, when most of their food sources are closed, the dogs' main source of sustenance is gone.

Thankfully, charities like our ambassador organisation, People for Animals (PFA) Siliguri, have sprung to the rescue.

Every night, including during the rainy season, dedicated animal lovers travel the streets, feeding the dogs.

Sujoh Dutta, from PFA Siliguri, said: 'Members of People For Animals Siliguri continuously serve food among the street animals in Siliguri during ongoing lockdown. Every night, even in rain, we distribute feed to animals.'

The organisation's regular work also involves helping street cows, cats, monkeys and other wildlife, as well as promoting the adoption of street dogs.

World Animal Day HQ would like to thank them for their compassion and dedication.

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The international news agency, AFP, shared news of their feeding programme... Watch a video of PFA Siliguri feeding street dogs on Facebook...

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- June 11, 2021