Famous Indian Cricketer Used His Massive Social Reach to Promote World Animal Day - Global

Animal loving Rohit Sharma joined thousands of animal lovers around the globe to honour World Animal Day on October 4. Rohit is one of the most successful players in Indian Premier League cricket.

He showed his support for this global movement to raise the status of animals by posting a photo with his dog on Instagram which gained 265.4k likes, and his video on Facebook was viewed 1,003,500 times!

Trending on social media in 25 countries and countless media articles, all helped raise awareness of animal welfare issues... a vital catalyst for change.

World Animal Day has become a global celebration for all animals and the people who love and respect them.  It’s known on every continent and celebrated in different ways in many countries, with no regard to nationality, religion or political ideology.

Rohit Sharma was one of many celebrities to speak up for animals on this special day. He was joined by Ricky Gervais, Cesar Milan, Kristen Davis, Kesha, Eesha Rebba, Evanna Lynch, Diana Penty, Dia Mirza, Simon Cowell, Michael Monroe, Jeremain Lens, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Carolina Marin, Jane Goodall, Bill Bailey, to name but a few.

Further support was expressed by Guiness World Records, Spotify, United Nations, War Horse on stage, government agencies, countless organisations, radio and television programmes, and the list goes on…………

This powerful movement, that grows each year, is helping to make the world a better place for animals - a world where they are always recognised as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare. 

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The World Animal Day movement is a project of Naturewatch Foundation.

- April 11, 2018