First spaying clinic held since the pandemic began: 72 animals spayed by Costa Rica's World Animal Day Ambassador!

Our World Animal Day Ambassador for Costa Rica, Diana Holder, shared the wonderful news that she was able to hold a successful spaying and neutering clinic for the first time this year.

A total of 72 animals were spayed and neutered. Dog food, cat food and dewormers were also given out to pet owners.

Projects like this are a fantastic opportunity to disrupt the cycle of unwanted litters and their abandonment. By stopping the stray population from growing, we can prevent the suffering of animals! 

Check out the photo gallery below to see some happy patients and their owners! 


Thank you to Diana and her wonderful team for their work improving the lives of animals in Costa Rica. Thanks to them, there will be no more unwanted pregnancies for these lucky dogs and cats! 

- June 8, 2021