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“Inspire your friends to go vegan – without saying a word. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT is a music album that inspires people to go vegan”

Vegan rapper IFEEL releases music album that can veganize your friends. The proceeds of each album sale go to animal sanctuary KOKI in Slovenia, where IFEEL met animals featured on his album (like goat Filip on the album cover). 

If you are an animal rights activist, vegan or other conscious earthling, you know how challenging it may be to talk to some of your friends and family about veganism. We keep telling them about animals, their suffering, injustice, health, our planet. We ask them to watch Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Best Speech You Will Ever Hear, send them touching animal sanctuary videos and share photos of cows, pigs and chickens in slaughterhouses with them... hoping they would feel something and go vegan. And some do. But a lot of times we get a cold shoulder. Not because they don't like us or because we are saying wrong things, but because they are not ready or willing to make a change - for whatever reason. Is it because they are bad people with no capacity to feel compassion or because they have not yet received a good enough reason to make a compassionate change in their life?

When animals are at the core of WHY we are vegan, we always find a way to organize our life around our compassionate beliefs. And we act and help animals in our own unique ways. If others had a chance to receive a “go-vegan-and-feel-good” encouragement in a most positive way, would they try embracing a compassionate lifestyle? It's time to try a different approach.

LET'S TALK ABOUT IT is a feel-good album, a one-of-a-kind project that inspires and guides listeners to a better, more compassionate, healthier life. It takes you on a journey within - to question your lifestyle, feel stories that you have never heard of and decide what you are willing to do to live your life to the fullest... and become someone's hero.

Usually, once people connect with animals (the main reason WHY) and see a benefit in their own life (feeling good - emotionally and physically), they are ready for a change. Most people are good people. So let's focus on those who have capacity and willingness to discover a better, compassionate, healthier lifestyle. People who we know... our friends, family or coworkers. They are good people, and possibly need just a right push in the right direction.

On the album “LET’S TALK ABOUT IT”, IFEEL carefully guides his listeners through different stories, four of them (songs) being from animal's point of view. The songs evoke emotions from happiness to sadness, helplessness to hopefulness and joy. They inform, make you think, shed a tear and laugh, all in about 60 minutes. This emotional audio journey guarantees to take its listeners from indifference to curiosity to connection – and, for those who feel it, from connection to motivation and action. After listening to the album, IFEEL helps listeners make a positive change by giving them an online package with easy-to-use feel-good habits, three workouts and a few of IFEEL's most favorite recipes – absolutely free.

As a rapper, IFEEL knows how to tell a story. As a lifestyle manager and fitness coach with a psychology background, he knows how to inspire and help people move towards better health and wellness. And as an animal rights advocate and organizer of events that promote a vegan lifestyle and benefit animal sanctuaries, IFEEL knows how to inspire people to listen.

LET'S TALK ABOUT IT is an ideal gift that vegans, vegetarians and other people who love animals can give to their friends to inspire them to be more compassionate – without saying a word. Let IFEEL tell them why and how.

The proceeds of each album sale go to animal sanctuary KOKI in Slovenia, where IFEEL met animals featured on his album (like goat Filip on the album cover).

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- March 6, 2019