Register your World Animal Day event

The World Animal Day Team want to thank each and every one of the compassionate people who are celebrating World Animal Day this year.  By joining hands with animal advocates to mark this special day, you are helping to raise the status of animals in each and every corner of the globe!

Although World Animal Day was October 4, events take place during the weeks either side of the day itself. If you haven’t already done so, please register your event on the World Animal Day website and we’ll promote it as part of the official World Animal Day celebrations.  We’ll also share all registered events via our social media channels – we want to tell the world what you achieved for animals!

To register your event:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign Up to become an approved member (to avoid spam)
  3. Add your event’ – it’s FREE and easy!

If you know of any other World Animal Day events being held in celebration of this special day, please contact the organiser and ask them to become a member of the World Animal Day movement. 

Thank you for your wonderful support! We'll be posting a report shortly on the impact of World Animal Day around the world.

Kind regards, The World Animal Day Team

- October 10, 2016