The little dog who came for Christmas - Costa Rica

A heartwarming story submitted by Diana Holder, World Animal Day Ambassador, Costa Rica. 

While driving in the mad rush hour through a busy intersection, I saw from the corner of my eye a tiny black dog trying to cross the road. I turned around and then she was gone. By chance, I finally found her in an empty lot barricaded with barb wire. I was able to coax her out with bread and lots of patience! She was thin, scared and had a skin problem, among other ailments.

Now she rules the roost at home and her favourite spot is under the blankets or out for a walk in the rainforest with the pack. My 7-year old son named her Guppy and she is one lucky dog!

View 'before' and 'after' photos of Guppy.


- February 25, 2019