World Animal Day 2020 grant winner's report: Himalayan Animal Welfare Trust - Nepal

‘No babies, no rabies!’

Since 2012, HART have run annual dog neutering and rabies vaccination camps in remote areas of eastern Nepal.

These projects are vital for maintaining stray dog populations in these remote regions, and reducing instances of rabies infections in the local community.


In many cases, the rural, mountainous communities lack the infrastructure to humanely control the stray dog population. With the fear of rabies infections and the nearest hospital being a 30-hour drive away, residents find themselves with little choice but to use other methods, such as harmful contraceptives or even poisoning.

Nepal’s World Animal Day Ambassador: Khageshwaar Sharma and a furry companion

In November 2020, with the help of the World Animal Day Grant, Khageshwaar and his team set off on a perilous 30-hour journey through the mountains, to reach the remote municipalities of Solududhkunda and Siddhicharan.

Getting ready to go! Preparing supplies for the long journey ahead

Their objective: to neuter and vaccinate 200 dogs

Over several days the team made brilliant progress, smashing their targets by neutering and vaccinating over 250 dogs!

The project was a big hit with the local communities too, with some residents walking over an hour through the mountains to get an appointment.

It was also broadcast on local radio and national news!

HART have already been invited back by the mayors of both municipalities to continue this life-changing work in 2021!

“This year, the contribution from the World Animal Day Grant through the Naturewatch Foundation was instrumental. It enabled us to neuter more animals.”

Khageshwaar Sharma

Open air surgery: dedicated HART vets performing a spaying procedure


The other World Animal Day 2020 grant winner was Animed Arad, Romania. Read about their project.

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- January 28, 2021