World Animal Day 2022 – it’s time to start planning!

As we prepare for World Animal Day on October 4, we’re excited to be able to tell you about our theme for 2022 - a ‘shared planet’.

World Animal Day is a special opportunity for everyone on our planet who cares about animals. As we share this earth with all living things, we can truly make a difference for all animals!

Spread the message and get involved today!

Have you started planning your World Animal Day event yet?

With your support, we will be celebrating an extensive collection of events, activities, and partnerships that will ensure that even more people around the world celebrate animals!

To host your own World Animal Day event, you can find ideas here.

Collie and bandana Bailey and flag

And don’t forget, every event registered on our website is entitled to receive a free World Animal Day flag and now a dog bandana too (above)!

Exciting events and partnerships

Here are some great examples of events and activities held in 2021. For details, visit our events page. 

  • In the UK, ten-year-old Bailey (above) used her free flag to promote her petition asking the UK Department for Education to introduce a yearly fundraising day for animals in schools. What will you use yours for?
  • Voice of Animal Nepal celebrated World Animal Day in 2021 by feeding street dogs, cows, goats, crows and monkeys.
  • In the Phillipines, because of the protocols of social distancing, pets received blessings inside their hooman's cars, instead of inside a church, with a priest sprinkling them the Holy Water from the walkway. Most of the pets eagerly poked their heads out for the precious blessing.
  • The Humane Society Moldova launched a project Lesson on Kindness in one of the Language Schools in Moldova.

The aim of the lesson was to raise awareness among students about the importance of animals, find out how concerned they are about animals, and of course to discuss how to take care of animals.

Fantastic competition

To celebrate 2022 World Animal Day, we have also launched a ‘Design the WAD Mug’ competition for children!

Information and entry details are available here.

And finally... what are YOUR plans?

We'd love to hear about your plans for WAD 2022!

Please let us know how you are getting on and we’ll share the news whenever we can!

- July 5, 2022