World Animal Day is worth a Doodle


Last year we launched an online campaign to try and persuade Google to create a Doodle to commemorate World Animal Day. Sadly, it wasn’t picked up, but we’re not letting that dissuade us!

This year, rather than a petition, we’re asking you to use a little of the extra time you may have on your hands to email Google directly with a persuasive message. What a great way for Google to show they agree that thousands of people working together to improve the lives of animals is something to celebrate on October 4.

Please send your email today to

A Google Doodle to honour this special day on October 4 will help focus more attention around the globe on issues relating to the treatment and care of companion, wild, marine, farm and working animals, as well as animals in the entertainment world.  What a wonderful contribution this would be to help raise the status of animals.

World Animal Day isn't a charity - it's an opportunity for everyone who cares about animals to raise funds or awareness for any animal welfare issue they feel strongly about.

Please send your email today to and help rally support from animal lovers around the globe via your social media accounts and any other means at your disposal.

Together we can convince the Internet giant that its October 4 doodle could do nothing better than support the cause of animals.

A Google Doodle is a temporary alteration to Google's home page, usually celebrating holidays, events, birthdays or people. More information.








- May 12, 2020