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Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I pledge never to forget animals who suffer:  

I will sign petitions to stop animal testing; shop cruelty free products; support Compassion in World Farming and raise awareness. 


Marianne Robey,  London ,  United Kingdom 

I will try to feed them 


Md Abdul Alim Sarkar,  Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal,  India 

I will give them love and care.


Blue Porras,  Davao City,  The Philippines 

I pledge to always adopt and be more concientous to buy products that are cruelty free!


Natania ,  Doha,  Qatar 

i will not make them pets.


Beacon house school ,  Karachi ,  Pakistan 

I will rescue animals when needed.


Beacon house school ,  Karachi ,  Pakistan 

I pledge to save animals and don't make wild animals our pets. We should stop hunters and poachers.


Beaconhouse School Sytem,  Multan,  Pakistan 

We need to respect animals like people's rights.


Jayden and Eric ,  Sydney ,  Australia 

There are many of us in the shelter, please hurry, we're getting older. So what could we be that needs protection? I pledge to take care of all animals from sick to perfection. I don't care whether they are big or small, save us all, it's like a law. -Respect and Protect


Saranya and Lexi,  Sydney,  Australia 

I pledge that I will protect and respect all living animals. I will never hit or abuse an animal.


Amon and Sophie,  Sydney,  Australia 

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