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Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

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The Canadian government has launched a public consultation to gather feedback on appropriate measures to restrict the elephant ivory trade in Canada. The responses to the consultation will determine whether or not Canada moves ahead with a ban. 

Urge Canada to ban the elephant ivory trade now!

In the past century alone, the African elephant population has declined by a staggering 96 percent, and is at risk of being eradicated within a few decades.

The decline of African elephants is largely driven by poaching to fill global demand for elephant ivory. Accordingly, nations all over the world are taking urgent action to close the remaining legal markets for elephant ivory.

I pledge to #SaveElephants and wish that everyone signs the pre-written letter here to support our ask to ban the domestic trade of elephant ivory in Canada. This is a global consultation meaning anyone can sign.

Thank You!


Fran Duthie,  Surrey,  Canada 

I Dev Pratap Srivastava want to promise that i will try to save animals of different species and i will never harm them


Dev Pratap Srivastava,  Mau,  India 

I will do the best I can to help animals. I will consider them, for they are living beings as well. 


Anne,  Patna,  India 

I pledge never to forget animals who suffer:  

I will sign petitions to stop animal testing; shop cruelty free products; support Compassion in World Farming and raise awareness. 


Marianne Robey,  London ,  United Kingdom 

I will try to feed them 


Md Abdul Alim Sarkar,  Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal,  India 

I will give them love and care.


Blue Porras,  Davao City,  The Philippines 

I pledge to always adopt and be more concientous to buy products that are cruelty free!


Natania ,  Doha,  Qatar 

i will not make them pets.


Beacon house school ,  Karachi ,  Pakistan 

I will rescue animals when needed.


Beacon house school ,  Karachi ,  Pakistan 

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