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Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I Vijaykumar H K promise that I adopt atleast one animal for one year from now on words and serve food and water to animals which I come across especially in my village.


Vijaykumar H K,  RAICHUR,  India 

I will always protect the animals


Deepak Kumar,  Hanumangarh,  India 

I pledge, that I will help this nature, and inform everyone that I know.

I will be cautious myself.

Happy world life day!


Anish,  Chennai ,  India 

I will protect innocent non-speaking animals.  I will feed stray birds, dogs, cats, monkey, etc. I will promote feeding homeless animals, not destroying habitats and caring for animals in my Trust, "Hazrat Sarkar Noori Welfare Bahuuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha", and other social media platforms.


Hazrat Sarkar Noori Welfare Bahuuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha,  Kalamnuri, Hingoli,  India 

I pledge to never hurt an animal. I will do my best to provide the best care and loving home for my own pets. 


Emily F,  Stafford ,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to save one of the major part of the earth, the animals. I will always create awareness about existing animals whenever I get a opportunity. I will also take small steps to provide food and water to the animal and birds in my neighborhood. 


Nagulesh R,  Salem,  India 

Animals do not need heaven to live in. Just act like you yourself are heaven to them and stop beating them.


Iqbal Siyal,  Jacobabad,  Pakistan 

I will do my best to educate people about the plight of many animal species worldwide, and do whatever it takes to protect the animals we love so dearly.


C,  London,  United Kingdom 

We will protect innocent non-spoken animals.

We will promote Ahimsa and Vegetarianism.


Vishwa Jain Sangathan,  Delhi,  India 

Don Cut Dem Trees


Ardee School,  New York,  India 

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