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Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I pledge to give my rescue cat the best life he can possibly have.


Donna ,  Cheltenham,  United Kingdom 

I PLEDGE... to always immensely care and have unconditional love for all Lives ❤️


Johanely ,  Fresno,  United States 

I pledge to do even more for animals than I am currently doing. 

I am already vegan, donate money to about 20 animal charities every month, campaign for animals by email, Twitter and Facebook, and do Beach Cleans/Urban Beach Cleans. However, I still want to up my game! 


Anne-Marie Hewitt,  Bromsgrove,  United Kingdom 

For those who have never been in a foster or adoption process, Always know:

Animals like humans should NEVER be sold. This, unfortunately is why many dogs never find a great loving forever home, because people are charging high fee's for adopting many, many dogs. Sad.

We are ALL God's creatures.

Loving and caring for living beings comes from the heart, not the wallet.



Tamara Bragg,  Alvarado,  United States 

To arrange vigil at Huntingdon Life Sciences  (Envrion)   for the World Animal Day.....


Dave Smailes,  Wellingboro,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to always save and protect animals


Hemang Sharma,  Dungarpur,  India 

I made a pledge to always promote animal welfare in my country and promote kindness to animals. I also pledge to create awareness about World Animal Day. As an animal activist, I will organise a World Animal Day event each and every year. 


The Humane Global Network,  lagos,  Nigeria 

The fact is that without animal there is no human being. Because animals save our environement to save us. We must care of our lovely creater of God. Voice of Animal- Nepal is always with you to serve animals around the world


Voice of Animal - Nepal,  Kathmandu,  Nepal 

We can't compromise the Environment for Economy.

The only way hunting is a sport is if animals are given a weapon too. Removing ''Life" from wildlife proves that you are "Wild". 


Akash Patil,  Faridabad,  India 

God had gifted all of us the life full of joy and happiness. We all love our and our family lives very much but when there is the question regarding the lives of someone else especially animals we forgot lesson of peace, harmony and non-violence given to us by the god. We forgot all our humanity values and for our joy we kill or damage animals. In today's world where we have all the things needful to fulfill our hungry stomach it is our duty to save animals like our family and make the world better living space for them.



Harshal Vyvahare ,  Jalna,  India 

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