Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I pledge to the the world to consider animals as equal to mankind... 


Spiros Noulas,  Thessaloniki,  Greece 

I pledge that I shall always be kind to all animals, fish and insects. To see the tender soul that lives inside of them, via their innocent eyes. May the state of an animal never be one of sorrow and despondancy. May the state of an animal always be joyous, cared for and loved!


Emmy Ellie,  Amsterdam,  The Netherlands 

My pledge is to...

  • Never stop caring about animals,
  • To never stop speaking for those who don't have a voice,
  • To never stop fighting for the feral cats,
  • To never stop sharing my passion for animals
  • To always stand up against those who abuse, misuse and neglect animals.



Rentia Matz,  Pretoria,  South Africa 

We pledge to continue to put nature and the environment first with everything that we do. We want to help others see that small changes do have an impact and that conscious choices are better than commodity throw away purchases. We love, cherish & respect the world we live in and will always help others in need, particularly animals. 


Appletree and Avalon,  UK,  United Kingdom 

I pledge never to treat animals in a bad sense, I pledge to care and love them even more than I do currently. 


Sachin Bhattarai,  Kathmandu,  Nepal 

I pledge to rescue stray animals, heal them, feed them, care for them, and find them loving homes for as long as I am able. 


Tabby,  Manila ,  The Philippines 

I pledge to feed the chubby cat in our school garden so that I can show my love for animals to my students.


Selen YILDIZ,  Izmir,  Turkey 

As a team, we pledge to respect, love and care for each and every dog / pet that we have the honour of taking into our care. Every animal is different and we take pride in helping each one thrive to their very best abilities. Love them & be loved 1000x more in return.  

Tails to the Trails


Tails to the Trails,  Oshawa,  Canada 

I Pledge to appreciate and encourage the animal protectors all across the world and bring their works into my classes and motivate my students to understand the problems of animals.By this I wish to see more of my students to be actively associated in animal welfare.


R.V.Institute of Management,  Bangalore,  India 

At Fresh Pet, we pledge to manufacture and supply animal safe products that are also eco-friendly while promoting animal welfare and contribute towards creating a new culture of respect and sensitivity to make this world a fairer place for all living creatures. 


Fresh Pet,  Blackpool,  United Kingdom