Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I will constantly persuade people to inspect whether pets have crept beneath their vehicles before they start their journey. As I grow up, I will contribute a part of my savings to the welfare of animals.


Vaibhav,  Coimbatore,  India 

Je suis amoureux des animaux et leur fervent défenseur. Save Animals fera tout pour changer positivement le status des animaux en République Démocratique du Congo. 

Déterminés, résolus et engagés que nous sommes. 


Save Animals,  Kinshasa,  The Democratic Republic of the Congo 

We are interest to pledge and serve with you.


Social Protection Trust,  Chennai,  India 

I pledge for the better future of the world’s animals.


Abhay Solunke,  Parbhani,  India 

Ww will organize an animal welfare camp to raise public awareness of animal issues.


S. K. Sewa Samiti,  Sri Ganganagar,  India 

I love animals specially dogs, cats like my fndz, brother & love one. Careful to others loving animals.


Probin Biswas,  Karimpur,  India 

I have take pledge to save the animal rights and all over life I save all animal. 


Gaurav Dixit,  Kanpur Nagar,  India 

I pledge to spread the word of the horrors of Bear bile Farming and the atroctious treatment of all bears on bear bile farms in China, Vietnam, and South Korea. 

I pledge always in my life to treat earths fellow inhabitants with the utmost respect, care, love.

I pledge to pray to the universe daily to end animal suffering, abuse, experimentation.

Lilly Bedi


Lilly Bedi,  Ryde,  Australia 

I hereby take pledge to never use plastic and treat animals with the utmost care.

I will fight for their Rights and if necessary die for them.


Kabir Menon,  Chhindwara,  India 

To end cruelty and specism 


Kathryn Driscoll,  Penzance,  United Kingdom