Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

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Don Cut Dem Trees


Ardee School,  New York,  India 

I pledge...

I will feed stray birds, dogs, cats etc.

I will promote feeding homeless animals, not destroying habitats and caring for animals on my channel, Inayat n more,  and other social media platforms.

Inayat kaur, The Ardee school Gurugram 



Inayat Kaur,  Gurugram,  India 

Animal and humans must coexist together to make world a better place









-Rahul The ARDEE SCHOOL Gurugram


The Ardee School Gurugram,  Gurugram,  India 

I pledge that I will do everything in my power to protect the homeless animals and any animal in need.


Elena,  Kamatero Athens,  Greece 

I pledge to make this world a safer place for animals on the ethical and legal levels.


Anastasia Cozlovschi,  Chișinău,  Moldova 

I adopt animals from the shelter. Rescued animals are so grateful and enrich your life. I will always help animals in need.


Eva S.,  Leipzig,  Germany 

Living a better life in a better environment is important for human and animals. I pledge to support every action that helps to create a better life and environment for animals.


RVIM Centre for Social Responsibility,  Bengaluru,  India 

Me comprometo de corazon a ayudar y salvar un animal que este en peligro. Los animales tambien sienten y son muy especiales para mi. 


AHPRA,  RH, California,  United States 

I pledge to never hurt any animal.  Never to eat them and also to take care of them.  I love all animals and always will.


Debbie,  Turners Hill,  United Kingdom 

My commitment to animals is to refrain from eating them or buying products made from animals, all of which harm them in one way or another. It is not ethically consistent to say I love animals, then support their exploitation in the form of killing, eating or confining them to inhumane conditions for their products, including milk, cheese, ice-cream and eggs. Additionally, these industries do great harm to the global environment, which adversely affects animals in the wild. Going Vegan is one of the best ways to love and protect animals.


Adam,  Phoenix,  United States