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Protect the animals!


Eric,  Sao Paulo,  Brazil 

I make a pledge , with honour to protect our lovable animals from external and internal problem caused by ours. By creating awareness among all and take some steps that can be made by me. "One word" and "One love".


Dhamodaren.S,  Chennai,  India 

pledge to help & alleviate animal sufferings 

I pledge to treat my animal patient with all possible best & also I'll keep enlighten the mass about animal welfare 


Yahaya Mousa,  Bauchi,  Nigeria 

I pledge to the Earth of our beloved Solar System and to all of her beloved for here they dwell, One Planet United in Harmony with Universal Love & Compassion for all xxx Charlotte & Skippy 


Animal Health & Healing,  Dorchester,  United Kingdom 

4 October - World Animal Day

Life is better with animals!


Cartim ,  Timisoara,  Romania 

I pledge to continue treating every animal I encounter in this world with respect, kindness, protection, help and love.


Sandra Bird,  Vancovuer,  Canada 

To be aware of the status of threatened wildlife.  To be involved in educating the next generation of conservationists.

To be positive about the future of solutions to the conflicts of people and animals co-habitating Earth.

Thank you to the growing community of like-minded people worldwide that support this vital 'cause'.

Jo Carol Hebert


Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids,  Bryan, TX,  United States 

I pledge to always treat animals with kindness and to speak out when I see others who dont. 


Sandra Kral,  Becket,  United States 

We pledge to provide a space where animal lovers can blog and share. Providing the best animal welfare information and helping raise awareness, forever xxxxxx


Pet People Project,  London,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to the the world to consider animals as equal to mankind... 


Spiros Noulas,  Thessaloniki,  Greece