Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I am already a voice for them. I will go on 


YUNGA Volunteer,  Ankara,  Turkey 

I love an care for the animals and supports them by providing water and food. I am also creating awareness program for them among employees, villagers and school children. 


AMITAV MALLICK,  Keonjhar,  India 

My pledge is to always help any way I can to be the voice of any animal in need. I hope to be a zoologist one day and help to keep the gentle giants, elephants, from becoming extinct. We can all do better, be better, to make our world better.


Jayden PeCoy,  Yorba Linda,  United States 

I pleadge to love all the animals & help them as possible.


PROBIN BISWAS,  Karimpur,  India 

I pledge to always care for all animals that cross my path. To save as any lives as I can, and to always care for my animals to the very best of my ability. They are the most precious things ever and should be treated as such. No life should be treated as any less than another as all life is sacred.


Hazel Miles,  London,  United Kingdom 

As a long time vegetarian I pledge to try my hardest to eliminate as much plastic from my life as possible. I also pledge to try and make my diet vegan. I love animals, share my life with five (indoor) cats at the moment and cannot bear to think what we are doing to animals' habitats around the world. It's only a beautiful world if we can share it together.


Liz,  Stockton-on-Tees,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to find the solution for all the animal social problem like food for all the hungry pets, finding the human parents as well as home for all the homeless pets to save the future of stray animals.


Vel Murugan Mani,  Chennai,  India 

I pledge that I will treat every earthling I encounter as a worthy member of this planet. Treating him or her with thé upmost respect, love and kindness. I will fight for all of those who have not yet been given a voice. I will be theirs. For the animals, our planet ♥ and future generations, I will never be silent. I will never stop. UNTILL ALL CAGES ARE EMPTY I WILL NEVER REST. 


Animal Rights Belgium,  Leuven,  Belgium 

Animals(Voiceless beings) cannot speak for themselves.The Foremost duty of human kind is to have compassion towards all Animals.

I Pledge to Fight against Animal abuse,cruelty and will raise my voice for the welfare of Animals.




Vishal Khajuria,  Jammu,  India 

I pledge to treat all living creatures with respect and with intrinsic value. To try to always fight for animals , whether one at home or in a slaughterhouse miles away. 


Gina Garcia Godinez,  Chula Vista,  United States