Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I love all animals and I pledge to treat all my pets well and help with animals in need.

October 4, 2018


Cheryl Fu,  Vancouver,  Canada 

On this day, I promise to not support buying animal products that abuses animals such as elephant tusk art, animal fur coat, etc.


Enrico Manuel,  Jakarta,  Indonesia 

We pledge to continuing spreading the word of endangered animals through our products at events and online and to never stop caring for these creatures!


IMAD Jewelry,  Saratoga Springs,  United States 

i pledge to use products that does not do any animal testing and not to eat any endagered aniimals


Ryan,  Jakarta,  Indonesia 

I pledge to educate myself more about World Animal Day and read up a few articles on it today. 


Kee Poh Leanne,  Vancouver,  Canada 

I pledge to not stay silent about the cruelty of of wild animals in the local zoo's in my country (zambia) as well as to try and spread more awareness about anmal conservation and the importance/value of them in Zambia, especially in the rural areas.


Columbia College,  Vancouver,  Canada 

I plledge to help and fight for the right of animals with all my power, be their voice and make people aware of their suffering.We can not abuse and murder innocent animals any longer, they need our help and we should not just stand by and let other sub human butcher them, just because they want to.All animals have the right to live in peace and harmony with dignaty and  with respect, humans do not have thr right to abuse them in the way man kind does.Life is living and living is life..... all creatures on this earth have one thing in common,the will to live and to feel pain, man has not the right to put himself above all and murder/butcher animals in such away as they do today........


Linda Patchett,  Büsum,  Germany 

I pledge that I shall make every effort to rehabilitate the injured or incapacitated animals wherever I come across them and shall try to inculcate the feeling of love and kindness in all human beings towards these voiceless yet brilliantly expressive creatures. 


Dolly Singh,  Mohali,  India 

I pledge to love, care & respect all animals. To uphold a Vegan diet, reduce plastic consumption and do all that I can to speak up for the voiceless & support causes making a difference to animal welfare.

Thank you for your incredible work, care & kindness.


Together we can make positive change.

All my Love,

Ruth xx


Ruth at BrawYoga,  Scotland,  United Kingdom 

I will always protect animals to Cameron soul so I don’t die. Animals deserve lives, and human are killing them. Sharks are losing fins because the Chinese’s want them for their soup. Tic Tacs!


Average Joe,  London ,  Niger