Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I will not bet the animals I love animals I will help animals I will give food to the animals. I pledge to respect the animals. I will never harm them.

I pledge to unconditionally love animals.


Samita Kumar , ARRS Academy,  Salem,  India 

I promise that, I will be a good friend of animals , and we want to give freedom for animals as well as birds. So please preserve endangered animals to next generation!


S.Srivarshan , ARRS academy, Salem, Tamilnadu , India,  Harur,  India 

We pledge to never harm an animal,

 never kill an animal, always help an

animal in need, care for their habitats

and to be a voice to all animals. 


Anoop p,  Trivandrum,  India 

I pledge that i wont hurt animals and i will do things for their welfare


Visakh M R,  Trivandrum,  India 

I will take pledge that I will save animals , and I will not harm any animals as well as birds. I will not bet them ,and  treat as my own friend. 


S.Sanjairaj , ARRS academy,  Harur,  India 

I will create awareness for these voiceless 


Dr Mala Mattha,  Udaipur,  India 

I love animals I will help animals I will give food to the animals. i pledge to respect the animals. i pledge i will never harm them. i will help them if needed.


Yadhu Krishnan G R,  Thiruvananthapuram,  India 

We at Brownie Pet Shop UAE, take a pledge to serve all the animals that come to us with loads of love, care & 100% safety.

We will maintain the great standard of our services throughout our journey as a pet shop.



Brownie Pet Shop UAE,  Dubai,  The United Arab Emirates 

I pledge , I'm always protect and stand by animals,  even in the most difficult times. 


Gopika ,  Trivandrum ,  India 

Let's pledge that we will not harm any animals. We will improve the standard of animal welfare and let's create awareness among people and educate them. 


Kowsika Arulkumar / ARRS Academy,  Salem,  India