Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I pledge to stay vegan for the rest of my life. I pledge to avoid palm oil, plastic bags and I pledge to spread compassion for all earthlings.


Tanja Grace Cherry,  Nms,  Germany 

I pledge to do my very best to conserve the African Elephant and African Rock Python among other reptiles species neglected in my country. 


Panashe Mundandishe ,  Marondera ,  Zimbabwe 

I will remain faithfull to caring for all animals, I will be their voice when they have none. I will to play my part in making their world better, whatever that takes.


juliet Hedges-Robinson,  Hertfordshire,  United Kingdom 



Sona Aghasaryan,  LaVerne,  United States 

I pledge to continue to support organizations that love and respect animals, and protect them in all aspects of my life. #ULVCABcares


Melanie Gazazian,  La Verne,  United States 

I believe the idea that every life is pressure and every life matters!

I pledge that whole my life will fight for their rights and welfare!

I pledge that I will never leave animals in need alone!

I pledge that whole my life I'll be the voice for the voiceless!

I pledge to show care and concern to all animals!

I must show compassion to those animals in the poor treatment of humans.

I pledge to reduce, reuse, and recycle and buy responsibly by not purchasing products made from animals or their parts, or buy products from companies that are known, polluters!

I pledge that will keep fighting to improve the current animal welfare situation in my country!


Everyone should remember that each and every one of us is making a world a better place to leave and each and every one of us can make a difference for animals. 

In Georgia (Country), we have a very bad animal welfare situation, frankly speaking sometimes I feel hopeless, but I'll continue fighting against unfair, I know its worth it to keep going no matter how big the problem is. 

Kinder world begins us!



Mariam Shekiladze / Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety fro Animals,  Tbilisi,  Georgia 

I pledge that I will play my part in positively impacting the lives of all animals. I will do this by changing my own behaviour, by choosing not to put money in the pockets of companies or industries that negatively impact animals. This means changing to a meat-free, plant-based diet. I will also do this through my passion for photography. I will share my images and showcase the wonder of animals so that others can see what I see; feel the way I feel. If more people make small changes together we can make a huge difference.    


Marcelo Loustau,  Singapore,  Singapore 

I pledge to continue the fight for all those animals being held against their will in laboratories, where they suffer intolerably in the name of so called 'science'.


Amanda James,  Huntingdon,  United Kingdom 

I will continue to love and help any animals that I see in need. I will continue to pick up litter in the streets. I will continue not to use animal tested products. I will continue to use environmentally friendly products. I will continue not to eat red meat. I will continue to stand up for birds and animals.  I will continue to share the knowledge I have gained from learning about and from birds and animals and all creatures with the children I teach. I will continue to be a loving animal carer and protector.


Nicola Dellow,  Istanbul,  Turkey 

I pledge to always treat you with respect. To honour you as part of God’s creation. To appreciate the beauty of biodiversity and help conserve it. To always remember that you too feel just as we humans feel: hunger , pain , joy and love. To recognise your contribution to the ecosystems. And to the one that lives with me. ,you’re not just a pet , your a part of my family and my favourite family member. I’ll never abandon you and I thank you for the howls, barks and love you have filled my life with. Love M. 


Michelle & Melina,  Lahore ,  Pakistan