Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I will pet Nuhnuuk every morning at the office and give him a treat.

Olivia,  Illinois,  United States 

I will visit Nino and greet him with a treat and toy.

Jennifer,  Illinois,  United States 

I will not yell at Betty for coughing, instead I will gently pet her behind her ears.

Rob,  Illinois,  United States 

I will take my dog to the park district on Saturdays to enjoy the outdoors and other animals.

Jamie,  Illinois,  United States 

We will donate to animal welfare this year.

Nobert Plating Company,  Illinois,  United States 

I might do a sponsored dog walk and have people pay a little bit to walk their dog on our farm or in the woods. Maybe I might organise a dog wash afterwards.

Beth,  United Kingdom 

I will send animal e-cards to my freinds and train my dog. I will also clean my rabbit out every 2 weeks.

Beth,  United Kingdom 

I am Vegan and am bringing my twin 3yr old girls up as Vegan. I make the pledge to bring up my children as two animal loving people and hope that they can inprove the state of Animal Welfare in the future. I also pledge to do as much as I consciously can to make this world a nicer place to live in for everyone.

Helen Nicholas,  Cirencester, Gloucestershire,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to volunteer for a long term at my local animal shelter.

Sabrina Terrell,  Illinois,  United States 

My pledge on World Animal Day will be to inform and educate people of animal suffering through out the world and also will spend extra time with my own pets!

Irish Cornaire,  Watertown, NY,  United States