Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I pledge to continue my work as an activist by raising awareness on animal rights issues and the prevention of cruelty, as well as inviting individuals and organizations to be a part of the World Animal Day initiative.

Ara Ferris, WAD Ambassador Mexico,  Mexico City,  Mexico 

I pledge to always love animals and not to hurt them, kill them, or bully them regardless of what animal they are. I also pledge to encourage my friends and family members to love animals and protect them. I promise to try my best to help those animals in need. I wish that all the animals are happy and safe.

Rachel Tey Wan Teng - age 8 ,  Red Swastika School,  Singapore 

I pledge to continue doing everything I can to help and protect animals; to inform people about the cruelty of bullfighting; and to stop all kinds of animal cruelty.

Paulina Alvarez,  Mexico City,  Mexico 

I pledge to help animals and avoid their suffering as much as I can.

Marta Barahona Sanchez,  Spain 

I pledge to step up my marathon training to raise money for the PDSA and to pamper my cat Rosie even more than usual! I will also continue to support the IFAW, BDMLR and Hillside Farm in in whatever way I can for the year ahead.

Jo Pike,  Essex,  United Kingdom 

In Peru we are organising protests against bullfighting and have launched a letter writing campaign targetting against the companies selling tickets to the bullfights. Visit www.frenteantitaurino.blogspot.com

William Soberon Guevara,  Peru 

I will help animals from all over the world, doing whatever I can!

Elizabeth Jones,  Liverpool,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to continue to help animals the world over, from cruelty and suffering, in any shape or form, by doing whatever I can!

Samantha Jones ,  Liverpool,  United Kingdom 

I reach the grand old age of 60 next April and, with the arrival of my State Pension and a work related retirement pension, I shall be setting aside an annual amount to be donated to my favourite animal charities during the year.

Elizabeth,  East Sussex,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to continue speaking up for animals in song and helping rescuer's world wide by highlighting their tremendous efforts to save neglected and unwanted animals. We can all make a difference if we are united by compassion.

Maria Daines, Rock music artist, songwriter and animal advocate (see our Celebrity Support page),  United Kingdom