Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

We like to save animals 


M. Dinesh, ARRS Academy,  Salem,  India 

I will respect the animals and I won't let harm to the animals.


Renuga ARRS Academy,  Salem,  India 

I pledge to never purposely hurt any animals trained or not and try to save as many as I can.




Govind S k ,  Trivandrum,  India 

We will keep our promise to stand by all animals and protect all fauna of our nature,

even in the most difficult times.


Renjini.R.S ,  Thiruvananthapuram,  India 

I promise to always treat every animal I encounter with respect. I will continue to follow a vegetarian diet and eat as plant-based as possible. I will never stop trying to learn more about animals and raise awareness about their struggles. I will continue to contribute to conservation organizations and share their messages. I will always look for more opportunities to get involved in improving the lives of Earth's animals!  


Meg,  London ,  Canada 

I always keep my promise that, I will not harm any animals and not let anyone to harm them.


Shinu S Babu,  Thiruvananthapuram ,  India 

I will be respectful and compassionate towards all living things in the world.

I will always work to ensure the safety of animals. 



Anjana B Viswanath,  TVM,  India 

I pledge to do my best to care for animals and educate others about the horrible treatment humans inflict on non-human animals which stems from a delusional sense of superiority.




Hathal Alqassab,  LONDON,  United Kingdom 

I will protect animals 


Abhiram ,  Trivandrum ,  India 

We pledge to never harm an animal, never kill an animal, always help an animal in need, care for their habitats and to be a voice to all animals. 


Parteen National School,  Co. Clare,  Ireland