Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

Animals(Voiceless beings) cannot speak for themselves.The Foremost duty of human kind is to have compassion towards all Animals.

I Pledge to Fight against Animal abuse,cruelty and will raise my voice for the welfare of Animals.




Vishal Khajuria,  Jammu,  India 

I pledge to treat all living creatures with respect and with intrinsic value. To try to always fight for animals , whether one at home or in a slaughterhouse miles away. 


Gina Garcia Godinez,  Chula Vista,  United States 

I pledge to do all I can to help wildlife stay wild and safe


Marie Richmond,  Ayrshire,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to recycle, reduce, and reuse in my everyday life.


Global Wildlife Centwe,  Folsom,  United States 

I pledge to recycle, reduce, and reuse in my everyday life.


GWC,  Folsom,  United States 

I pledge to do whatever i can to help every animal that needs help, treat all animals with love and kindness and spread animal love among my friends and family❤️


Samar,  Cairo,  Egypt 

All cooking at home will be vegan


caroline millwar,  Ashby-de-la-Zouch,  United Kingdom 

I pledge that I will work in 2019 on campaigns to activate and reform the Iraqi Animal Protection Law to benefit wild, farm and domestic animals. Their right as sensitive and sentient beings to live protected from human abuse and harm. I will do all that I can to educate others about animals and their needs. 




Furat al Jamil,  Baghdad,  Iraq 

I pledge to raise awareness for all animals, celebrate them & do my best to ensure their welfare by educating others and giving animals a voice! Happy World Animal Day 2018!


Zali Crouch,  Brisbane,  Australia 

I pledge to make this earth a better place to my children and their children and the children after them. I pledge to continue my fight to help people open their eyes on the cruelty that exists towards the animals.

Liberate the animals, save our planet. Let's all live together without harming others.


Laure,  Lyon,  France