Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

As a long time vegan I will always do everything for all animals, the environment, my health and I will keep on spreading the truth. You can end world hunger as a vegan as well. I want everyone to avoid plastic stuff like grocery bags, coffee capsules and straws, most of the cosmetic products are full of microplastics, so please keep the oceans and nature clean and use alternatives. With love and hope, Tanja 


Tanja Rieger,  Nms,  Germany 

I pledge I will never be cruel to any animals or use anything that is tested on them because I love them and will do anything I can to help them. 


Isobel,  Bradford,  United Kingdom 

If Animals would have had a voice to represent with a political mandate in a democratic and sustainable world then Human Beings living on this planet may come to an end.Animals are selfless and are kind to nature.Humans are selfish and disrupt nature.Animals abide by the Law of the Nature but Humans tend to forget the Law of the Nature.

I PROMISE TO BE KIND TO ANIMALS  and Teach all my students at R.V.Institute of Management,Bangalore to support World Animal Day -NOT FOR A DAY BUT EVERY DAY



Chandran A,  Bangalore,  India 

I want all of us to make a difference and help stray animals. I want to make their lives better since they have the rights to live in this world too. I will make a difference. I promise!


A girl who wants to make a difference,  Selangor,  Malaysia 

I will continue dedicate all of my efforts to the safety and wellbeing of all horses in need.


Debra Beye Barwick,  Fort Lauderdale,  United States 

I pledge to show love and kindness to all the animals I meet. I will do my very best to spread awareness to stop animal abuse. I believe that AnimalsHaveFeelingsToo!! 2017-10-24

Iscah Songa,  Nairobi,  Kenya 

I pledge to respect and love non-human animals unconditionally, to protect them whenever I am able, to increase my knowledge about them in order to campaign more effectively to protect them from the consequences of human-activity, and to remain part of the of the movement for their liberation from slavery at human hands for as long as possible.


Paula Jaya,  Dumfries,  United Kingdom 

We pledge that we will put pressure on the local council to take measures to protect animals and build animal shelters. We will also ask that all stray animals be sterilised so that they do not give birth to more animals that will end up in the street and probably die.


G. Papas Language School / Class E2,  Alimos, Athens,  Greece 

We pledge that we are going to feed, adopt, sterilise and protect from abusement all stray animals in our neighbourhood. We will also build shelters for them. We also pledge to volunteer to clean our beaches to protect sea life.


G. Papas Language School/ E1 Class ,  Alimos, Athens,  Greece 

I will treat and respect and care for animals to the best of my abilities.


Laura Karg, St Hubert's Animal Welfare Center and ManeStream,  Somerville,  United States