Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I pledge my support for the cause. I’ll not buy products made from endangered animals and their parts, and educate my students about the same.


Neeru Gill,  Gurgaon,  India 

We pledge to continue to learn about wildlife around the world and how we can care for the animals.  We will grow and develop our meadow and pond so that small creatures can make their homes there.


Highworth Combined School,  High Wycombe,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to remain a vegan and promote the positive benefits for the beloved animals. I pledge to continue to campaign for the welfare of all species as farm animals are so often overlooked-if you wouldn’t eat a dog then why eat a pig, cow or a chicken as they all feel pain, loneliness and the comfort of a parent’s love. I pledge to never tire or give up fighting for animals to be free from the cruelty that some humans inflict on them. I pledge to continue to support BornFREE to stop the awful practice of trophy and canned hunting in Africa and South Africa. I pledge to support the great NatureWatch Foundation.

”The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged on how it treats its animals.” Gandhi.



Sarah Gale ,  London,  United Kingdom 

I am already vegan, I donate to various animal charities and campaign on various animal issues. I aim to educate others and make the world a better place for all animals. I want compassion and empathy to prevail so that many of the atrocities animals face on a daily basis will be wiped out. I am a registered veterinary nurse so help animals and their clients on a daily basis. I pledge to carry on working hard for animals everywhere and playing my part, being a voice for them.


Kerry Bryan rvn,  Gillingham,  United Kingdom 

I will help in conservation of animals


Harish Yadav,  Gurugram,  India 

We've always had cats and dogs (of different ages) from rescue centres except 1, who are all very much loved!

My pledge is to carry on reminding people, that don't just get a puppy/kitten (esp cos they're cute and maybe pure bred) - go to rescue centres and you'd be surprised with what they've got! Cos they all have thousands of pets just wanting a loving home!


Judy Egan,  Corsham,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to always be a voice for the voiceless, and to always treat animals with dignity, respect and kindness.  I pledge to always make an animal feel welcome in my company, always shower them with kisses and treat them with love and kindness.  I will always help out an animal in need.


Helen Gourley,  Toronto,  Canada 

I pledge to protect the animals .and i will pick up the litters everywhere i go and if i saw the animals in need i will bring it to  a shelther,or to spca to get help.and also stop people from killing sharks for their fin to make shark fin soup just to make money and stop people to kill any other animal to have their skin or their meat.and bring them back to their habitats.Not to dirty the seas or ocean.and  put a full stop to plastic bags as the sea animals from eatting them and being trap by the plastic bags .and people should not buy any things made from animals skin or their fur.i will vonleenteer to help out at animal shelthters or pet shelhters.and adopt pets and not to buy them as it is a cury prossces. 


Toh xing yi,  singapore,  Singapore 

I pledge to....

Not litter in the sea and throw my litter in the rubbish bin 

I can donate my savings to acres and SPCA

I can call acres if i see a wild animal injured

I will treat animals like a human!


Joelle Yeo/ Marymount Convent School,  Singapore,  Singapore 

I pledge to:

If I see an animal strayed or abandoned on the streets, I could call for help and while I am waiting I could make sure that no one disturbs or abuse the animal. I should not litter either on land or in the ocean. I promise not to abuse any animals. I should not care about its looks.


Evangeline Ee,  Singapore,  Singapore