Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I was trying to organize a speaker to come in for a lunch and learn at my office on World Animal Day but, unfortunately, this didn't happen. However, I have lined them up for next year and they will be speaking about factory farming. I did place posters up around my office and in my cubicle notifying everyone that it was World Animal Day. I also gathered 77 signatures on the WSPA form to petition to the Government of Canada to protect animals from cruelty. When I have some time I plan on standing at our local grocery store (Loblaws Super Centre in Milton) to gather lots more signatures. It makes me cry with happiness that this day exists and is being recognized more and more each year.

Helen Gourlay,  Toronto,  Canada 

I pledge that I will feed the street (stray) dogs and/or even cows (who sometimes come along the streets) with bones which we'd rather throw out and leftovers of vegetables like the skin and the part which we don't consume and throw respectively. At least it is food to them!

Amy Deuja,  Worldwide 

My pledge is to always be the best possible role model I can be, so I will always voice the fact that animal cruelty is wrong. Animals can't tell you when their in pain or tell you when it hurts, that's when we must intervene. We must all pledge to do right by all animals. It saddens me to see animals mistreated because like your children when you love something so much you want to protect them. I have recently joined the animal welfare league as a volunteer to look after the cats and dogs that are not fortunate enough to have loving owners.

Belinda Lehmann,  Adelaide, South Australia,  Australia 

I as a strong lover of animals and believe that they are very similar to us, like in the way that they too can suffer physically and psychologically in the result of animal cruelty. I wish to be a part of World Animal day and raise awareness about the cruelties that happen to animals everyday.

Sarah Bassett,  Tasmania,  Australia 

As an animal lover and a pet owner I would like to make more people aware by putting up posters around my classroom and compound . I will also be sharing the information I found out through your website with my community and service teacher.

Dana Reslan,  Dubai,  The United Arab Emirates 

I pledge to speak out against any persecution of animals in any sphere. I pledge to speak out to prevent their violation and abuse. I pledge to join the ranks of those committed to stop the poaching of rhino horn and ivory.

Jeremy James,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to be of service to animals and the planet because I believe they are one, in my personal life and my professional life by creating awareness through my work as an animal healer and a communicator/intuitive of animals-to promote their wellbeing through training others to be healers and communicators to help animals and the people they serve resolve their issues and bringing healing to them wherever possible-to continue to support the animal and planetary charities I am already committed to and do whatever I can to raise funds for animal welfare-To bring to the attention to as many people as possible that animals are true healers in themselves living a life of service to mankind for the betterment of us all-in return we must cherish and respect them always.

Jacqui Meadows,  United Kingdom 

As an animal activist I pledge to defend animals at whatever cost. I also pledge to confront companies that deal illegally with animal products. I encourage people to be vegetarian to live a healthy life. I am a preacher and IT expert.

George Caleb Oguta,  Kenya 

My pledge is simple, I love animals, why would I want to hurt them as some people do.

Barry Eveling,  United Kingdom 

As an activist organization, moonbears.org pledges to continue to fight for the freedom of farmed bears in Korea for as long as it takes, and to ensure that once freed these stoic animals can live their days out in peaceful sanctuaries which for ever will stand as community monuments to honor those bears who suffered atrocities at the hands of Korean bear farmers.

Gina Moon,  South Korea