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PRESS RELEASE: World Animal Day urges us to ‘Doodle It’ for Harry and Friends

The UK-based animal welfare movement, World Animal Day, is calling upon animal lovers to get in touch with Google, to request a high-profile home page Google Doodle that will raise the status of animal welfare issues worldwide. 

World Animal Day takes place on October 4 every year and is organised by the Cheltenham based Naturewatch Foundation.  It would love to see a World Animal Day Google Doodle adding to more than 4000 others that the Google design team has already created. 

Google Doodles celebrate famous people from all walks of life, special dates in the calendar – like World Animal Day – and events big and small and the search engine is open to suggestions from the public as to what would merit it replacing its own home page Google logo with a special doodle.  

World Animal Day is now seeking to rally as much support as possible, from animal lovers across the UK and locations worldwide.  It wants to convince the Internet giant that its October 4 doodle could do nothing better than support the cause of animals. 

The process is quick and easy, as World Animal Day has set up a page at https://naturewatch.good.do/worldanimaldaydeservesagoogledoodle/WADdoodle/ requiring just a name and email address and then a press of the submit button.

Supporters can spread the word on their own social media, using the hashtag #WorldAnimalDayDeservesAGoogleDoodle. To gain more visibility on social media itself, World Animal Day has created a series of visuals in which a number of animals, including Harry the cat, speak up and say, “I deserve a Google Doodle”.  

World Animal Day helps raise the profile of animal welfare, to mobilise support and channel it into direct actions that raise the status of all types of animal and improve animal welfare standards.  Celebrity supporters include Ricky Gervais, Simon Cowell and Jean-Claude Van Damme, all of whom the initiative hope may also request the desired Google Doodle. 

By achieving its mission, World Animal Day believes it can focus more attention, across the globe, on issues relating to the treatment and care of companion, wild, marine, farm and working animals, as well as animals in the entertainment world.  

Caroline Ruane, Campaign Coordinator, said, “We are calling upon all animal lovers to do one simple thing, quickly fill in our pre-prepared form and send it off to Google. If we can get enough people to do that, we may just achieve our dream of having World Animal Day placed in the consciousness of all Google users on that day. This would raise the day’s profile further but, more importantly, potentially change the lives of many more animals.” 

In the meantime, animal lovers can create events in support of World Animal Day, to either raise funds for animal welfare, or change attitudes towards animals for the better.  

Quick link for Google Doodle submission form: http://bit.ly/2Zwrdgv     

More information:  www.worldanimalday.org.uk   info@worldanimalday.org.uk  or call +44 (0) 1242 252871            

Press Release in PDF format: https://www.worldanimalday.org.uk/img/resource/googledoodle-press-release.pdf



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