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Sewing seeds of compassion in Bolivia

Update from Liliana Tellez-Flor, the National President of ADDA Bolivia, regarding the educational campaign funded by the 2017 World Animal Day Grant.

The organisation has been sewing seeds of compassion through talks, presentations and conferences at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and municipal councils throughout the country.

View images taken during the educational programme

Two government departments joined forces with ADDA Bolivia to ensure that the educational programme was hugely successful. The Forestry and Environmental Police of Cochabamba (POFOMA) gave presentations about wild animals, the environment and the need to respect nature in general. The Zoonosis Unit talked about treating animals with compassion and respect and caring for them responsibly. 

ADDA Bolivia is delighted and heartened by the positive response received from the children, teachers, administrators, directors and management on all occasions. The organisation is also immensely grateful to POFOMA and the Zoonosis Unit whose presentations at events greatly enhanced the programme.

Liliana would like you to know that in tandem with the educational work described above, ADDA Bolivia continues to provide a voluntary service rescuing animals in distress, providing veterinary care and rehabilitation, and encouraging the adoption of stray animals.

View images taken during the educational programme

Read about the launch of this campaign funded by the 2017 World Animal Day grant 


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