Catching up on World Animal Day 2022!

Spreading awareness of welfare issues is a crucial step towards raising the status of animals, which is the goal of World Animal Day. October 4 is a perfect opportunity to... Read more

‘Where the Seals Sing’ by Susan Richardson

Susan Richardson is World Animal Day's writer-in-residence. For previous World Animal Days, she has written poems on such subjects as animal experimentation and the catastrophic consequences of marine debris to... Read more

Caring for the bees!

We humans must protect our planet, which we share with all animals. To do this, we need to be mindful of how we treat the environment and all living creatures.... Read more

Take it slow, I’m a kakapo

Kakapos can’t run or fly, the two main reasons why their numbers rapidly dwindled away when the first humans and predators arrived on their island. This giant green peaceful parrot... Read more

Madagascan massacre!

Deforestation has led to a ‘lemur-gency’ so serious that there are now more lemurs in captivity around the world than living in their natural habitat. Lemurs are said to have... Read more

A COP26 update: what happened?

COP26 is now over after two weeks of negotiations and discussions in Glasgow. Extended by a couple of days, the weekend saw conversations continue on how pledges made by world... Read more

Saving the real life teddy bear

Did you know that bears are able to communicate using 11 different sounds? Bears are not only incredibly intelligent, they are also very talkative; from grunting, growling, moaning to even... Read more
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